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Carlos Beltran joins the Yankees on a dizzying day of spending

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Did everyone forget that the Winter Meetings are coming up next week down in Florida? Should I cancel my flight? The Hot Stove is in a full-blown boil, and I honestly cannot remember a 48 to 72 hour period of so much frenzied activity and player movement in December.

If you thought the fun was over on Friday, then Carlos Beltran and the Yankees had something to say about it, agreeing to a three-year, $45 million pact that finally dresses the switch-hitter in pinstripes. Beltran’s arrival comes nearly a full decade after he offered his services to the Yankees at a reduced rate, only to join the Mets when the Bombers said they were sticking with Bernie Williams as the center fielder.

The deal comes as a direct result of Robinson Cano’s decision to accept a 10-year, $240 million pact from the Mariners. Cano finally scored the decade-long deal he coveted and wasn’t going find from the Yankees, who finished with an offer that is believed to have been seven years at $175 million.

I was surprised. I do believe that Cano wanted to stay with the Yankees, and I don’t think he linked up with Jay-Z and this Roc Nation Sports venture to establish his brand in the Pacific Northwest. He will probably talk about all of that at some point in the future, but few people would leave $65 million on the table. He had made it clear that there would be no hometown discount, and the Yankees weren’t budging. So, Seattle it is.

This was a day that started by watching the sun come up over Connecticut, strangely enough. Brian Cashman was on the roof of the Landmark Building in Stamford, practicing his rappelling once again for Sunday’s upcoming ‘Heights & Lights’ holiday event. Cashman checked his cell phone a few times and ducked behind a storage room to make a few calls, but he said that he hadn’t been briefed about any of the developments between Cano and the Mariners.

Twitter filled in the gaps: the Cano deal was reportedly on late at night, reportedly off during breakfast, then reportedly finalized before lunch. Cashman shrugged during the coffee and donut hours — the Yankees had made their proposal and felt comfortable with it, and if it was not good enough, they still had offers out to other free agents. Some of those balls in the air would find their way to the Bronx.

“Everybody is replaceable,” Cashman said. “That’s a team concept. Some people are harder to replace than others, no doubt about it. I don’t think anybody would have the attitude that anybody is going to make or break your future, but you certainly can invest for good reason into players that can try to make your future brighter. That’s what we’re trying to do with Robbie amongst others. If it’s not to be, it’s not to be, and we’ll continue to do business as we have and try to collect as many great players as we can.”

Cashman had said that the Yankees were “on the one-yard line” with more than three players, shaking his head when asked to identify them. We can fill in the gaps: Hiroki Kuroda (one year, $16 million), Kelly Johnson (one year, $3 million) and Ellsbury (seven years, $153 million, still not official). Somewhere in the middle of all this, Curtis Granderson became a Met.

Now Beltran is in the Bronx, and there’s more to come. The Yankees want to add another starting pitcher, bullpen help, support for the left side of the infield and – oh yeah – a second baseman.

No one should be surprised to hear free agent Omar Infante’s name pop up for that last need. No, he’s not Cano – players of that caliber are few and far between. But the Yankees intend to move on, and what’s more, they already appear to be well on their way.

So, yep, I’ll keep that flight to Florida. I want to see what happens next.

Mariano: Now Yanks need to address pitching

Mariano Rivera has moved rather seamlessly into life as a retired player, and along with that comes the freedom to serve as an armchair general manager.

The former Yankees closer voiced his reaction to the free-agent signings of catcher Brian McCann and outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, and as he told, they’ll help the Yankees in 2014. But Rivera still wants to see some movement on the mound.

“They have made good moves,” Rivera said. “I want to see pitching. I want pitching. Offense is good, but we need pitching. But those two players will be two great acquisitions, two good players, and hopefully they do it here in New York.”

On the pitching front, the Yankees have no sure things in the rotation beyond CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova. They’ve made Hiroki Kuroda an offer to return, and are monitoring developments with Japanese star Masahiro Tanaka. David Phelps, Adam Warren and Michael Pineda are among the others in the mix. They also need bullpen help.

Rivera also touched on the situation with Robinson Cano, pointing out that he had several opportunities over his career to leave the Yankees via free agency (remember, the Red Sox even made a serious bid for his services). Rivera stayed in New York, and he is hoping that Cano does the same.

“I chose to stay home because I grew up here,” Rivera said. “The New York Yankees are the best organization there is in sports, period. Hopefully Cano does the right thing, but I want him to be happy. Whatever he does, I want him to be happy.”

Robinson Cano’s reps meet the Mets

Robinson Cano: New York Post MetsI opened the door this morning to learn that the New York Post spent their night having a bit of fun with Photoshop, dressing Robinson Cano in the orange and blue of a Mets uniform.

Quite the sight, isn’t it? Of course, I can still remember seeing Bernie Williams painted into a Mets uniform on the back cover of a tabloid somewhere around ’99 or 2000 – headline: “PICTURE THIS.” That never quite came to fruition.

In any event, this Cano business is a compelling story. Cano’s representatives reportedly requested a meeting with the Mets last night at a “posh” Manhattan hotel; Jay-Z was there, as was agent Brodie Van Wagenen, but the Post reports that Cano did not attend the dinner. Mets COO Jeff Wilpon, GM Sandy Alderson and assistant GM John Ricco are said to have represented the ballclub.

The timing is curious, considering Alderson said last week at the GM Meetings that he couldn’t see his club giving out a $100 million contract this winter. That seemed to rule the Mets out for the likes of Shin-Soo Choo and Jacoby Ellsbury. Cano, as you well know, has set the bar highest of all the free agents with a 10-year, $305 million asking price.

And then there’s this tidbit that Anthony DiComo tucked into his writeup:

Over his first three offseasons as Mets GM, Alderson has not given out a free-agent contract larger than Frank Francisco’s recently-expired two-year, $12 million pact.

Considering the Dodgers and Magic Johnson said very early that they will not get involved in bidding for Cano, preferring to back their Brinks trucks up to keep Clayton Kershaw happy, it makes sense that Cano’s side is looking to press another team against the Yankees to drive up the price.

No better place to start than right across town. I wonder who picked up the check?

Sabathia: “It was hard to watch the Red Sox win”

If you’re bouncing around Central Park today and believe you’ve run into CC Sabathia, the chances are pretty good that you did. Sabathia and his PitCCh In Foundation are holding their “CC Challenge” today, a scavenger-hunt event in the style of TV’s ‘The Amazing Race.’

Sabathia was at a kickoff event on Friday night at the Lucky Strike bowling alley on Manhattan’s West Side and chatted a little bit with reporters, saying that he has talked with Robinson Cano – who stopped by after media availability had concluded, photos reveal – and believes the Yankees’ top priority needs to be keeping Cano in pinstripes.

He acknowledged that the Yankees have a bunch of other holes to fill, but pointed to the calendar, saying that there’s time. And if general manager Brian Cashman needs Sabathia to make a few telephone pitches along the way, Sabathia said that he’s game for that as well.

“I’m down for recruiting. I want to win,” Sabathia said. “It was hard to watch the Red Sox win the World Series this year. You want to be in that spot. Whatever you’ve got to do to get the guys to come play, that’s what you’ve got to do.”

Here’s a few more offseason updates for this Saturday morning:

  • The Yankees are taking a look at just about everybody in advance of next week’s GM Meetings, according to Jon Heyman. Hal Steinbrenner is “very involved,” a source told Heyman. Scott Boras tells Heyman that the Yankees have been “very aggressive” showing interest in his clients, who include Jacoby Ellsbury, Shin-Soo Choo and Stephen Drew.

    Other names on the Yankees’ kitchen sink list reportedly include pitchers Matt Garza, Ubaldo Jimenez, Bronson Arroyo, Scott Feldman and Dan Haren, trying to flesh out a rotation that right now has only Sabathia and Ivan Nova as its locks (the Yanks also showed interest in trading for Haren back in September). The report states that Ervin Santana is not on the Yankees’ list, as the club apparently has concerns about how he would fit in New York.

  • The Yankees remain interested in Japanese right-hander Masahiro Tanaka, but Major League Baseball and Nippon Professional Baseball are still working out tweaks to the posting process. They’ve also kicked around the idea of reuniting with third baseman Eric Chavez, Dan Martin writes.

  • Carlos Beltran wants a three or four year deal, Tim Brown writes. There have been hints of interest, but the Yankees passed on Beltran once before. Given that length of commitment, it’s not impossible to see them doing it again.

  • Curtis Granderson is more likely to be a Met than a Yankee in 2014, Andy Martino writes. Granderson still has until Monday to accept or decline the Yankees’ qualifying offer, worth $14.1 million on a one-year contract.

    Martino passes along a good point via FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal: for all the talk about Granderson’s power being a Yankee Stadium creation, he hit 47 homers at home and 37 on the road during his recent healthy seasons.

  • Magic: Dodgers won’t bid on Cano

    aug 27 canoIt may be safe to erase that image from your mind’s eye of Robinson Cano suiting up in Dodgers blue and becoming the next Hollywood star. Magic Johnson said it isn’t going to happen.

    Johnson held court with reporters before Los Angeles’ National League Division Series game in Atlanta last night and said that while Cano obviously has the talent to bring down a huge deal in free agency, the Dodgers have another pressing need to attend to — re-signing ace left-hander Clayton Kershaw.

    “I can’t talk about the other guy (Cano),” Johnson said, “but you already know that guy in New York is going to be paid. Not by us. But he’s going to get paid.”

    Johnson expanded on his thoughts when specifically asked about Cano by the New York Post:

    “You can’t have two guys, I mean, come on man, anybody who knows numbers. A year from now, two, here comes Hanley [Ramirez]. We’ve got guys we need to keep. When it is all said and done the numbers probably don’t add up.’’

    Cano and his representation group, the Jay-Z founded Roc Nation Sports, will obviously be looking to make a splash in free agency this winter. For baseball and marketing purposes, it has been difficult to imagine a scenario where the group would steer Cano away from New York. L.A. might have been one option, but without the Dodgers planning to bid, it continues to be the safe bet that the Yankees and Cano will eventually hash out an agreement.

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