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Much better now, though

Yes, I did just reference Caddyshack. Afternoon has hit in the tri-state area and even though it’s not exactly sunny Tampa, Fla., I just walked outside in short sleeves and didn’t want to race back to a controlled environment. My advice, pack a jacket if you’re heading to the Bronx, but it looks like we’re going to have some baseball tonight.

As troublesome as yesterday was, I did learn something new about Yankee Stadium. Brian Cashman said that the team keeps a radar station in the building to watch those giant green blobs fly around the New York City region. Of course, it didn’t help much, since apparently the radar showed a promising forecast even while the Stadium turf was being pelted.

“It had more to do with having all these people in the house,” Cashman said. “You try to get it in, but do you want to put people through what they went through (Monday)? It’s not easy. It’s not popular. It’s an outdoor arena. Weather is part of the process. You don’t want them to have to go through that.”

Cashman said that the outfield would have been slick if they’d played yesterday, but the game was postponed more for the forecast. In any event, there’s been some light drizzle today but that outfield drains with the best of them.

By the way, never let it be said we at Bombers Beat are afraid to share the spotlight. Jack Curry’s blog and article today in The New York Times about riding to the game with Joe Girardi made for a very entertaining read this morning. And happy April Fool’s Day. We were going to fire off something to celebrate but Peter Abraham has beat us to it.

Cold and rainy in the Bronx

Not exactly the picturesque weather setting you’d imagine for Yankee Stadium’s final Opening Day. It’s raining pretty steadily and the tarp is on the field, while the Yankees wait this one out downstairs. Sales of hot chocolate are going briskly, I’d imagine. There has been no estimated start time yet, but John Sterling is on the video board urging the fans to “stay where they are and hopefully in a bit of time we’ll be able to play ball.”

No worries, John. I’m not going anywhere.

Harlan Chamberlain was sitting outside the Yankees clubhouse and raved about how the organization has treated his son so far.

“You treasure the time we have together,” Chamberlain said. “I’ve ingrained myself that there are times I don’t see him. I hear his voice every day. That keeps me going and I know he’s in good hands.”

Ready to go

The Yankees got through their workout this afternoon with no problems, and we’re now just mere hours away from the first pitch of the season, with Chien-Ming Wang tossing to the scrappy David Eckstein. March 31 is also Wang’s birthday and he said that being named the Opening Day starter is the best birthday gift he could possibly have.

There was a lot of discussion today about the new Yankee Stadium and the sendoff for the current place. You’ll see a big display board in right-center field this year counting off the final home games here in the Bronx — this Blue Jays series will be games 81, 80 and 79. Brian Cashman told a good story about how the players and coaches had their faces pressed up against the glass of the Yankee buses, gawking as they passed the construction site.

Everything’s quiet down here in the basement. For now, I’m headed back across the George Washington Bridge to grab some lobster ravioli, watch some NCAA hoops and wind down before the craziness begins. It’s going to be a real memorable season here in the Bronx, you can just tell.

Greetings from Yankee Stadium

It’s been months since I sat down here in the basement at Yankee Stadium, and it certainly doesn’t seem to have gotten any warmer (but there is a nice new carpet down here!). The building is open for business and the Yankees are filtering into the building for a Sunday workout. Opening Day is really here and, after seven weeks of Spring Training, it’s about time.

The Yankees may or may not take live batting practice on the field this afternoon — it’s pretty cold as of now. The clubhouse will open to reporters at 12:25 p.m. ET and Chien-Ming Wang leads off the interview parade 20 minutes later, to be followed by Joe Girardi, Roy Halladay and John Gibbons. Should be a busy day at the old ballpark.

By the way, the new Yankee Stadium looks absolutely spectacular. I had to be careful not to rear-end the car in front of me checking the place out.

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