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Talkin’ a little baseball

And let’s do it today, because tomorrow is going to be all Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, all the time …

— Francisco Cervelli was sent out of camp today with an upper respiratory ailment, the same one that bothered Christian Garcia and Brian Bruney earlier. Joe Girardi is trying to quarantine his clubhouse, sending him home after a doctor’s appointment today. Jason Johnson was excused from camp today with a personal issue.

— The Yankees are not expecting anyone to be late this spring with visa problems.

— Girardi said he is OK with keeping both Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher around: “I don’t think you can have too many players. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the next seven weeks, if we come out of Spring Training completely healthy. You can never have too many players.”

X marks the spot

Bumped into Xavier Nady in the clubhouse downstairs, a sure sign that the position players are trickling in. Derek Jeter and friends are working out for one more day across the street at the Himes Avenue complex before the Alex Rodriguez three-ring circus takes center stage.

If Nady seemed a bit lost, you can excuse him. Remember, this is the X-man’s first spring in camp with the Yankees, having come over in that July trade last year with the Pirates.

Remember how Phil Coke was among the players originally included in that deal, before Pittsburgh decided there was something they didn’t like in his medical reports? It translated to a 0.61 ERA in September with the Yankees.

Whatever was wrong, Coke said, he’s hoping it never gets fixed.

Update 10:36 a.m.: Yankees PR head Jason Zillo just announced A-Rod’s press conference will be at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, in the Andy Pettitte left-field tent here at George M. Steinbrenner Field.

Joba says it again: Start me up

starter.jpgIn the argument that never dies, Joba Chamberlain once drew his line in the sand down in Tampa, telling the New York Daily News that he wants to start and not be in the bullpen. That pretty much goes along with everything he’s said all along, though he’d agreed to relieve because it was best for the team.

Just by chance (and maybe because I’ve been listening to a little too much sports talk radio lately), I made a similar point in a Yankees Inbox column today, answering a question about why Phil Hughes isn’t being considered for relief work. It’s unorthodox, but I’ll quote myself, I guess:

“Really, [the Yankees are] trying to wean everyone off the idea of Chamberlain
as a reliever as well. That was a move made because New York
desperately needed some bullpen help during the 2007 playoff push.

Chamberlain just happened to be available for a conversion, but
even then, the Yankees said they envisioned Chamberlain as a starter
going forward. It just so happens that we’ve seen more of Chamberlain
as a reliever — and he’s pretty good at it — but it makes sense that
you’d want your best pitchers throwing more innings.”

Other points in that article — the Yankees are in trouble if Jorge Posada can’t catch, the Xavier Nady-Nick Swisher situation, the Yankees’ 2008 Draft and Bernie Williams.

Fire your thoughts back at me if you’d like. is allowing us to do fan mail articles more than once a week now – you’ll remember Mailbag used to run on Mondays only – so I’m going to try to get two or three up a week, depending on how busy the Yankees are. Just in the first week of this alone, I have more than 500 e-mails to sort through.

Yankees sign Nady, Cabrera

money.jpgTalking dollars and cents: the Yankees avoided salary arbitration with Xavier Nady and Melky Cabrera on Tuesday, coming to terms on new one-year contracts for both.

Nady signed for $6.65 million after earning $3.59 million last season. Cabrera inked a $1.4 million pact after requesting $1.7 million; the Yankees had offered $1.2 million.

Brian Bruney remains out there in the arbitration process. Bruney earned $725,000 last year and has asked for $1.55 million; the Yankees countered with $1.1 million.

This raises the Yankees’ projected Opening Day payroll to the area of $191 million for 16 players.

Mr. Cashman, you have calls on lines 1, 2, 3…

For some reason, I just pictured Brian Doyle Murray in Groundhog Day, trying to unload Bill Murray at the bachelor auction: “What am I bid for this fine spec-i-mine?”

That aside, the Yankees are still taking calls on Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher, as the The New York Times reports today. But don’t keep hitting refresh looking for the trade to go down. There’s little reason to believe anything will change in the very near future.

Drawing out the lineup on paper here on January 17, the pieces don’t fit, and one of those players could be extraneous. But unless a club – the Reds, Giants, Braves and Nationals have been reported to have interest – comes calling with something that the Yankees absolutely must jump at, there isn’t really an urgent need to deal either Nady or Swisher.

They could just as easily bring both players down to Tampa for Spring Training, when inevitably some team will suffer a crippling outfield injury and all of a sudden need to make a quick move to field a decent lineup for Opening Day.

Of course, then there’s the other scenario that the Yankees wouldn’t want to see happen — it could be the Yankees themselves who suffer an injury, which would open up a way that both Nady and Swisher would be in the Opening Day lineup.

Either way, time is on Brian Cashman’s side with this one. Though it seems they’d prefer to deal Nady over Swisher, it behooves Cashman to make the best possible deal he can regardless of who gets dealt, and not rush into a hair-trigger transaction.

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