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Another long night in Detroit

This stadium, Comerica Park, played host to one of the least pleasant memories of the ’07 season — an Aug. 24 game that was delayed by rain for four hours and one minute, with first pitch thrown at 11:06 p.m. ET.

The game ended on a walkoff homer at 3:30 a.m. ET the next morning. The losing pitcher? Wouldn’t you know it, it was the lefty taken on Friday by the Padres, Sean Henn.

No rain here tonight, thankfully, but speaking of lefties who once drew interest from San Diego, how would the Yankees like to have a mulligan on Kei Igawa? While I don’t think Igawa pitched as poorly as his line — 3.0 IP+, 11 H, 6 ER — indicates, it’s pretty apparent that the Tigers were salivating to get their rips in against him.

Wilson Betemit’s shoddy defensive play at third base really killed Igawa in the three-run third inning; by my count, there were four balls – two backhanded, one forehanded and one barehanded – that Betemit could have made a play on but didn’t. Igawa is probably going to get at least one more turn through the rotation to prove that this was a fluke, but unless he starts pounding down in the zone more consistently, the jury has to be out.

Any silver lining? Well, Alex Rodriguez took about three dozen grounders on a back field in Tampa, Fla. this afternoon. The Yankees need him more than ever, on both sides of the ball.

Assorted off day thoughts from across the GWB

Sitting here in the Garden State, it’s strange to look at the schedule and see the Yankees dark for the evening. Don’t get too used to it, but I’m sure the players are enjoying the chance to kick back and relax for a day. It’s Cinco de Mayo, incidentally.

So far today I’ve used the afternoon to go for a four mile run and crack open the new John Feinstein book, ‘Living on the Black.’ I’ll fire this plug in here because many of you might find this entertaining — Feinstein followed Mike Mussina and Tom Glavine around for the entire ’07 season and chronicled their ups and downs, the events and really, what it’s like to be a big league pitcher. I’m only a few dozen pages in but, so far, thumbs up.

Interesting weekend
out at the Stadium, wasn’t it? They’ll try to keep that momentum going with the Indians headed in Tuesday night for a three-game series, sending Andy Pettitte out against Fausto Carmona. As our preview notes, maybe it will be the time that Robinson Cano breaks out … you know the Yankees can’t wait for his slumbering bat to wake up.

As some of you may know, every other Monday is Yankees Mailbag day. We’ll have a new one on for you shortly but here’s a few points I wanted to get to, but had to leave on the cutting room floor. …

— The Yankees have shown no inclination to move Derek Jeter to a new position and, though it may happen eventually, it won’t be in ’08. Gonzalez has hung around longer than anyone expected — Joe Girardi had said that he’d be sent down as soon as Jeter’s quadriceps injury was better, but then Wilson Betemit came down with a mysterious corneal ulcer and went on rehab with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

— Andrew Brackman is going to miss all of ’08 after Tommy John surgery. Humberto Sanchez is throwing off a mound in Tampa but has not yet pitched in a Minor League game. When he does, you can start the clock, but a good guess would be that he could be considered for an August callup.

— Carl Pavano? Really? I must have had about 25 Pav questions, literally. Lisa Kennelly from the Newark Star-Ledger answered the question, “What is Pavano doing?” better than I can. The answer appears to be very little.

(By the way, for those of you who e-mail vulgar notes because I haven’t answered your questions … there are literally thousands of Mailbag questions and I can’t personally answer each one. If you send a question to, it has a much better chance of being answered.)

Last thought — check out the Manager’s View with Joe Girardi before every home game.

The more things change…

OK, now it’s starting to feel like 2007 all over again. What is up with this team and their sluggish first half starts? The Yankees dropped a 6-4 decision to the Tigers last night on an evening when Alex Rodriguez received some especially bad news, being placed on the 15-day disabled list with a Grade 2 strain of his right quadriceps.

What happened to that well-conditioned team we were all talking about in Spring Training? The injury bug has bit hard here, with A-Rod, Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter all missing time. When you’re looking ahead to Wilson Betemit’s rehab assignment at Triple-A, that’s a really bad sign.

Phil Hughes struggled again last night and you have to wonder how long the leash will be. Sure, it’s 60 feet and six inches no matter where Hughes pitches, but you have to remember that he’s 21 and maybe adjusting at the big league level won’t work out.

I said the same thing with Ian Kennedy — there is no shame in it if either of those guys has to dip back down to the Minors for a stint. If the Yankees give International League Pitcher of the Week Darrell Rasner a turn or two while Kennedy or Hughes tweaks a few things, it’s only to their long-term benefit.

Last night was not the time to mention it to Hughes, but I knew just what he was talking about when he said he couldn’t see the catcher’s signs. Back in the day, we fixed it by having the catcher tap parts of his thigh for pitches instead of flashing fingers. Then again, pitching a night game at Yankee Stadium is quite a bit different than hurling under the starry skies at some municipal field in New York. You’d hope the lighting is better.

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