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Good news! The Joba debate is alive and well

Back in June, I was working on a long feature about the Joba Chamberlain debate and had the opportunity to interview Mike Francesa of WFAN, who has been steadfastly of the belief that Chamberlain would best serve the Yankees as a setup man and potential future closer.

While talking with Francesa, I remarked that one positive about the never-ending argument is that on slow days, he could always float the starter-or-reliever question out there and know the switchboard would light up with instant responses.

Francesa responded that he doesn’t intentionally try to stir the pot like that, but acknowledged that call volume spikes on hot-button issues, and Chamberlain certainly represents one of those.

Yesterday on Twitter, the discussion came up once again, and it was cool to watch all the responses filter in among our little fishbowl community. By and large, Yankees fans across the board could go to war on this topic for days and not reach any sort of resolution.

My personal opinion is that the Yankees spent almost three years building Chamberlain up for this opportunity to start without rules or restrictions, so they’d be silly not to at least give him a chance to win a rotation spot. But as Joba told me in June, “I could win 20 games and people are still going to think I could save 50.”

He’s probably right. Now I’ll let the fans speak the rest of the way: 


He should start. Still so young.

AlexLytwyn Joba is an amped up guy that gives it his all for one inning. when he’s composed for 5-7 innings, he loses his touch imo.

SwiftRead Joba is ahead of Hughes in every pitching category, esp IP & ERA. Hughes limit of 150 innings to Joba’s 200 says it all.

Guitarinsight Wait…didn’t Joba GET a chance? He seemed to do much better coming off the bench than starting.

SimplySmoov Joba could do undefeated in the next three seasons and people will STILL say he should be in the bullpen

dofferdahl Joba will never win 20 in a season, he’s just not that good. he needs to stay in the pen where he’s lethal.

MarcusBlumberg I would start Joba and send Hughes to Triple-A, where he builds his innings and would be ready if needed…


no room at the inn…joba has no limits this year, he pitched great for
what? 110 IP? joba=5. He SHOULD be in aaa instead of pen.


surely they both end up in the rotation eventually. All I know is that it’s a good problem to have.

mikeyjoy87 what are point of Joba rules past 3 yrs if we dont FINALLY see what he
can do when let loose? Joba needs to be in the rotation!!!

dofferdahl both are lousy starters, but are great relievers, Hughes is better setup to be a setup guy, Joba is better setup to close.

carlibabes Love Joba but Hughes should get the starter job.


I say give Joba no restrictions and a start every fifth day. If it’s
not as good as what he can do coming out of the pen, too bad

Mmedina210 Joba Chamberlain will never approach 20 wins as a starter but as a closer could save 50+. He’s terrible as a starter!

KathyFL1 From what I’ve seen so far he belongs in the pen, but until we see him off the Joba rules we really won’t know will we?

jakelarsen 75 high-leverage 1-2 Inning appearances>30-32 varying inning amount starts

And finally…

j_sprouse2213 there seems to be more people in the fanbase that think he should relieve than start.

Sherman: Yanks won’t trade for Halladay

This is a couple of days old, but doing some housekeeping here — Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported via his Twitter that the Yankees will not pursue ace Roy Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays, saying that officials told him there is “zero chance” while citing the main reasons their chase of Johan Santana never reached fruition.

You’ll remember then that the price in terms of prospects and a contract extension were considered much too high. Phil Hughes would be one constant in both the potential Santana and Halladay swaps, and at other points Ian Kennedy (out after having an aneurysm in his pitching arm) and Melky Cabrera were involved in the Twins talks.

In the Post this morning, George King writes his Yankees-Twins gamer around Halladay, noting that he was asked by a player: “Are we in the Halladay thing? What will it take?”

King’s response: “The answer to the first question is always, ‘Yes.’ The answer to the second one is ‘a lot.'”

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