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Cano doesn’t want to talk about Yankees’ “significant offer”

Robinson CanoOne day after general manager Brian Cashman revealed the Yankees have made “a significant offer” that could keep Robinson Cano in pinstripes, the All-Star second baseman said that he had little more to add to the discussion.

Cano said that he wants to let his agent, Scott Boras, handle any and all negotiations with the Yankees. The 30-year-old Cano is earning $15 million this year and can be a free agent after the season.

“I’m going to say the same thing that I said the other day, I’m just focused on playing baseball,” Cano said on Friday. “I’m going to let Scott and the Yankees discuss that. I’m not an agent. I’m just going to focus on playing baseball.”

Cano refused comment when asked if he and Boras had rejected the Yankees’ offer.

Boras told CBS Sports on Thursday that, by agreement, discussions with the Yankees “shall remain confidential” and “will cease if they are a distraction to Robinson’s performance and leadership of the 2013 Yankees.”

Cano said that he has not found the discussions to be a distraction as he goes through Spring Training. He is preparing to leave Yankees camp on Sunday to report for workouts with the Dominican Republic’s World Baseball Classic squad.

“Like I said, I’m just going to focus on baseball and not let anything get in my head and distract not only me, but the team,” Cano said. “I don’t want to be a selfish guy. I just want to help the team win another championship and just prepare myself to help the team win another championship.”

It has been speculated that Cano could seek an eight to 10 year contract in the arena of $25 million per season he reaches free agency. Cano acknowledged that it can be difficult at times not to think about his contract status.

“It’s never going to go out of your head, that’s all I can say,” Cano said.

Cano said that he would let Boras decide about contract negotiations being cut off if, in fact, they do become a distraction.

“I don’t want to talk about this,” Cano said. “I hope after today, I don’t want to be a distraction to the team. I just want to come here, enjoy the team and focus on playing baseball.”

Cano, Yankees won’t discuss extension until after ’13 season

Houston Astros v New York YankeesThis isn’t exactly breaking news, but agent Scott Boras confirmed today that Robinson Cano will not engage the Yankees in discussions about a possible contract extension until after the 2013 season.

“I think the Yankee policy is very clear, that they always walk through the contracts and then address them when they end, as they did with [Derek] Jeter and other players,” Boras said. ” … We just will get him ready to play the season, play out the season, and then evaluate things at the end of ’13.”

It has been reported that Cano could be in position to seek as much as a 10-year deal, and as an elite second baseman, he figures to have no shortage of possible suitors on the open market (hello, Dodgers?) — a fact the Yankees are well aware of.

Boras said that he has spoken recently with general manager Brian Cashman and team president Randy Levine, but not about Cano.

“Obviously I’ve had meetings with Cash and Randy during the course of the offseason and we’ve been talking about the development of the team,” Boras said. “Since Robinson is already signed, there hasn’t been any conversation about it.”

Cashman addresses hot-button issues

I’m playing catch-up on this, but Yankees general manager Brian Cashman spoke on Thursday at the University of New Haven in Connecticut and addressed several hot-button topics that fans have been curious about.

Via the Register Citizen’s Joe Morelli, with a hat tip to the iYankees blog for linking it first:

On not negotiating new contracts with Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera right now, and some more context about Johnny Damon —

“The industry the last two free agent markets seems to be going
downward and the player’s ages are going upward,” Cashman said. “It
makes more sense to be patient. My attitude is if this is the place you
want to be, you will make it happen. Johnny Damon professed his love
for the Yankees, wanted to be here and was given every chance to be
here. He’s not here anymore and I don’t feel that is the Yankees’
fault. They have to reconcile why they are not here, not me.

people want to be here and be a part of something, then find a way to
work it out. Of course we want (Jeter, Rivera and Girardi) back, but we
choose to delay that until the end of the year.”

On the Yankees’ two-year, $14 million offer to Damon –

“I told (Damon and Boras), ‘I don’t know if Hal (Steinbrenner, the
team’s part owner) would approve it, but I’m not going to fight for it
unless we know you will do it,'” Cashman said. “Scott Boras said,
‘Bobby Abreu’s (new) contract is $9 million a year right now on the
table so why would we do that? So I expect to see a Bobby Abreu
contract.’ … I hope he does not sign for something less than our
offer. That means he should have been a Yankee and that’s not our

On how the Yankees’ budget looks for 2010 —

“If you ask everyone in the room if they would rather not have Curtis
Granderson because he costs X amount of dollars and Andy Pettitte
because he costs X amount, that gives you more money to sign the left
fielder who is dear to your heart in Johnny Damon,” Cashman said. “If
you ask most people right now, what would you rather have moving
forward, I think they would say they need Andy Pettitte for the
rotation and Curtis Granderson because he’s an all-star center fielder
who hit 30 homers at Comerica Park last year, who steals bases and is
(7) years younger. You can’t have everything.”


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