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The Yankees’ Winn

Yes, I went there. Now you’ll be hearing John Sterling in your head the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

Anyway, the newest Yankee got on the horn with the Associated Press‘ Janie McCauley out in the Bay Area, where Randy Winn still calls home. But soon enough it will be New York, and Winn said that he is looking forward to getting started with the Bombers in Spring Training.

“They’re the World Series champions from last year and I have a chance to
compete and get some playing time,” Winn said. “I
thought it was a great fit, being a versatile guy who can play all three
outfield positions and can hit anywhere in the lineup.”

The AP story brings up an interesting point – not only will Winn be challenging Brett Gardner for playing time, but he can also serve as a mentor for the speedster. For all the hand-wringing that Winn isn’t Johnny Damon, he has still compiled a serviceable big league career and should be able to help the Yankees as at least the fourth outfielder.

Hey, speaking of Winn and former Giants, Rich Aurilia isn’t ready to retire and wants to play with his buddy on the Yankees — or so he tells Andrew Baggarly. What say you, fans?

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