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Some talk about Hideki

Busy day thus far, with the Brian Bruney trade done and the Yankees apparently getting serious with Andy Pettitte. Here’s something lighter, as White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen fielded a few questions about Hideki Matsui here in the work room this afternoon:

On Matsui’s World Series performance: “He made Girardi proud.  It was unbelievable.  This guy stepped up when they needed it, when they needed it the most.  It’s not because of the World Series nobody would be talking about him right now.  He says I’ve got another good year, but I think the World Series will help him a lot to be a free agent.  He was pretty impressed.”

On being interested in managing Matsui:  “I don’t mind.  I manage two Japanese players and it’s fun.  The only thing, I’ve got 20 Japanese guys around all the time.  I’ve got all the media around.  But I love it because all of a sudden when you get fired from the United States, you might have a chance to manage in Japan, you never know.”

On if the White Sox would have room for a DH: “We’ve got room for a lot of people.  You know, Andruw (Jones), we need one more guy that could be him, but he’d have to show us he can play the outfield, too.”

By the way, Joe Girardi will be in town for a 4:30 p.m. press conference on Tuesday.

Talkin’ Yankees

When’s the last time you heard the name Roger Clemens and didn’t want to cringe? Well, we’ve all had our fill of the steroids stories, but there’s a new book out that looks at the Rocket in a little different light. Jonathan Mayo of has talked to the guys who actually dug in (not that deep, we presume) against Clemens in his new book, Facing Clemens. Check it out. One of my favorite events to cover was Clemens’ 300th win; I truly felt lucky to be there for that game and it’s a shame that Clemens’ legacy will be (forever?) tainted by the PED situation.

My colleague Scott Merkin, the White Sox correspondent for, passed along a few amusing quotes from this afternoon’s session with manager Ozzie Guillen. Apparently the Yankees were a prime topic of discussion. Most prominently, Ozzie weighed in on the Joba Chamberlain — starter or reliever? — controversy.

“I’ve never seen him as a starter, and I don’t have any opinion about him starting,” Guillen said. “But what I see from him out of the bullpen, that was pretty special. Real special. That guy has an arm and is going to make a lot of money. And he plays for the right team. He’ll make a lot of money.

“But that’s the first time I’ve seen him, too. I never [saw] him last year. But what I [saw] last night, that’s electric stuff. They have a manager and GM to make those decisions, and they will make the best decision for the ballclub and the kid. And I think Joe Girardi will handle that situation well because Joe Girardi is a baseball man and knows what he’s doing.

“Just make him a starter. We can see him once a week and not every day. I’m telling you, you see this kid coming out of the ‘pen every day, and it’s pretty interesting. You see him and Mo back-to-back, that’s something special. Where they find that kid?”

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