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Sweatshirts and baseball

So I’m sitting here in the press box at Yankee Stadium, listening to Ed Alstrom hammer away at The Drifters’ “On Broadway,” and here’s my thought of the day — organ music, and only organ music, should be played at all ballparks throughout the big leagues. There’s nothing that says baseball like a Hammond organ, and we just don’t hear it enough. (I don’t count the little ditties like “Charge.”) The alternative is to hear Alex Rodriguez walk up to “This Is Why I’m Hot” five times a night. I’ll take Mr. Alstrom, thanks.

Hello everyone from the Bronx, where it’s cold and it looks like we’ll have a late-arriving crowd for game three against the Blue Jays. It’s a little odd walking up to the press box and not having to push through a wall of humanity, like I did on Opening Day. But it’s Phil Hughes’ night here on the mound, and here’s something I didn’t know about Hughes — he doesn’t buy into the superstition of not speaking to anyone on the days he pitches. I always thought that was an archaic rule anyway, but it does help the guys avoid distractions on their work days.

Great stat of the day, courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau — at 21 years and 284 days, Hughes is the youngest pitcher to start one of the Yankees’ first three games of the season since Hall of Famer Waite Hoyt started the second game of the 1921 season vs. the Philadelphia A’s (21 years, 217 days).

I’ll be back later with some more thoughts on the game. Pay no attention to Jordan Bastian’s blog, by the way. I’m an excellent driver.

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