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It’s a whole new world

Mike Mussina was grumbling sarcastically as he walked through the Yankees’ clubhouse this afternoon, munching on a can of peanuts.

“There’s nothing to eat in this place,” Mussina said.

Joe Girardi’s new movement to banish sweets from the players lounge may hit Mussina, a self-professed sugar junkie, the hardest. You’re talking about a guy whose blood type is practically Mountain Dew. Mussina is making more than $11 million this year, so you’d think he could supply his own ice cream and M&Ms, but it’s the principle of the matter.

Meanwhile, here’s something Joe Torre wouldn’t have approved of. Johnny Damon lugs a portable white karaoke machine everywhere the Yankees go now, and it has a jack to put anybody’s iPod in and crank up some tunes.

Brian Bruney was the guest DJ this afternoon and, in a completely random succession, we were all treated to Young Jeezy’s ‘Go Getter,’ the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Under the Bridge,’ Kid Rock’s ‘Devil Without a Cause,’ and Seven Mary Three’s ‘Water’s Edge.’

Chien-Ming Wang is still the coolest kid in school. None of this bothered him as he sat at his locker, silently (what else?), flipping through an exotic car magazine.

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