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Jeter, A-Rod, Mo named All-Stars

Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera have made the All-Star team. You can also place a vote for Jason Giambi to bring his big-swingin’ mustache to the Home Run Derby. A-Rod topped voting for the second consecutive year, edging Chase Utley in a tight race.

As for Mike Mussina? He’ll be headed to the county fair unless someone gets injured.

The Yankees have placed outfielder Johnny Damon on the disabled list and are recalling Justin Christian from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

All-Star Moose?

moose.jpgMike Mussina, an All-Star? I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but consider the fact that Mussina once again has a share of the American League lead with nine victories — including eight in his last nine starts. Sure, he’s been lucky at times, but any pitcher who’s winning nine of 13 games is off to a heck of a run for a season.

Not too shabby for a guy who many were looking at as a fifth starter and potential weak link to the rotation. Remember when Hank Steinbrenner said that Moose should pitch more like Jamie Moyer? Looks like maybe Hank knew what he was talking about – that directly coincided with the beginning of this 8-of-9 run.

Derek Jeter had his own milestone moment last night, moving into third place on the Yankees’ all-time hit list and passing Mickey Mantle. Jeter’s in some pretty select company there — Lou Gehrig is first and Babe Ruth second. He says he doesn’t belong there, but Joe Girardi (among others) disagrees. Someday you’ll be visiting the new Yankee Stadium and looking at Jeter’s plaque in Monument Park, there’s just no doubt about it.

Don’t count on Jason Giambi being in the lineup today after having treatment all during Wednesday’s game. He’s still pretty sore, from all accounts. The Yankees will try to “sleep fast” with a somewhat-later report time to get to the Stadium on Thursday afternoon for what used to be known as a Businessman’s Delight. I’m not sure how many people come to ballgames wearing shirts and ties anymore. Seems that’s gone the way of the three-martini lunch. More likely, you’d just blow off work altogether and call in sick.

Lots of 2008 First Year Player Draft coverage on tap for Thursday. In case you haven’t noticed, the Draft is kind of a big deal here at The Yankees are up 28th and then have a Joba Chamberlain Compensation Pick at 44 for losing Luis Vizcaino to the Rockies. Their second round pick is 75.

Looking to avoid a sweep

The Yankees had absolutely no answers for Cliff Lee on Wednesday, which hardly sets them apart from the rest of the American League. Lee’s resurgence has been one of the most remarkable stories of the young season, but the Yankees were in no position to appreciate it, getting pitches to hit but pounding them into the infield grass.

Apparently, Cliff Lee makes use of the New York City subway system.

Johnny Damon was one who wants to be held personally responsible, and after going 0-for-9 so far in the Cleveland series leading into Thursday’s series finale, it’s valid — but it’s not like Damon is the only cylinder not firing in the Yankee engine. When’s Alex Rodriguez coming back again? (They say Thursday at the earliest, but my money is on Friday vs. the Mets).

Mike Mussina tries for his fourth straight victory this afternoon under overcast skies at Yankee Stadium with a nice crowd — and lots of kids — on hand.

Meanwhile, here’s a great quote about Mariano Rivera in today’s New York Times, courtesy of Cleveland’s David Dellucci: “Facing him is like playing a video game. His ball is
an optical illusion. It’s fun because it’s so nasty. You want to go up
there and see that pitch because of how nasty he is.”

Assorted off day thoughts from across the GWB

Sitting here in the Garden State, it’s strange to look at the schedule and see the Yankees dark for the evening. Don’t get too used to it, but I’m sure the players are enjoying the chance to kick back and relax for a day. It’s Cinco de Mayo, incidentally.

So far today I’ve used the afternoon to go for a four mile run and crack open the new John Feinstein book, ‘Living on the Black.’ I’ll fire this plug in here because many of you might find this entertaining — Feinstein followed Mike Mussina and Tom Glavine around for the entire ’07 season and chronicled their ups and downs, the events and really, what it’s like to be a big league pitcher. I’m only a few dozen pages in but, so far, thumbs up.

Interesting weekend
out at the Stadium, wasn’t it? They’ll try to keep that momentum going with the Indians headed in Tuesday night for a three-game series, sending Andy Pettitte out against Fausto Carmona. As our preview notes, maybe it will be the time that Robinson Cano breaks out … you know the Yankees can’t wait for his slumbering bat to wake up.

As some of you may know, every other Monday is Yankees Mailbag day. We’ll have a new one on for you shortly but here’s a few points I wanted to get to, but had to leave on the cutting room floor. …

— The Yankees have shown no inclination to move Derek Jeter to a new position and, though it may happen eventually, it won’t be in ’08. Gonzalez has hung around longer than anyone expected — Joe Girardi had said that he’d be sent down as soon as Jeter’s quadriceps injury was better, but then Wilson Betemit came down with a mysterious corneal ulcer and went on rehab with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

— Andrew Brackman is going to miss all of ’08 after Tommy John surgery. Humberto Sanchez is throwing off a mound in Tampa but has not yet pitched in a Minor League game. When he does, you can start the clock, but a good guess would be that he could be considered for an August callup.

— Carl Pavano? Really? I must have had about 25 Pav questions, literally. Lisa Kennelly from the Newark Star-Ledger answered the question, “What is Pavano doing?” better than I can. The answer appears to be very little.

(By the way, for those of you who e-mail vulgar notes because I haven’t answered your questions … there are literally thousands of Mailbag questions and I can’t personally answer each one. If you send a question to, it has a much better chance of being answered.)

Last thought — check out the Manager’s View with Joe Girardi before every home game.

Nothing doing

Guess the arrival of Chris Stewart won’t be played up as a good luck charm. Through five innings, the Yankees have not managed a hit against Indians left-hander Aaron Laffey, though they’ve had three base-runners … two in the first inning on a leadoff walk and an error by third baseman Casey Blake. If Jorge Posada is watching, he’s doing it from Birmingham, Alabama.

EDIT: Melky Cabrera, there you go. Infield single in the top of the sixth breaks it up.

Mike Mussina threw four zeroes on the board but ran into some trouble in the fifth. This, believe it or not, is the Yankees’ final game in Cleveland this season. I personally enjoy coming here because the restaurant area by the ballpark is quite walkable and lively most nights. I would say that it’s fairly dubious, though, that there are signs — posted by the city — anchored to many of the light posts urging you not to give to homeless people.

I understand that the city is asking that you donate it to a fund to help them instead, but it seems like a bit much. Meanwhile, I always like checking out the construction progress of the new stadium. The blog Sliding Into Home has a couple of real nice ones from a whirlybird.

Oh, and Kyle Farnsworth liked that Buck Hunter video game so much, he’s shelling out the $5,000 to have one installed in his home. That ought to occupy more than a few rainy days during the offseason.

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