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Tempers flare in Yankees win

You would think by the final score, a 13-3 blowout over the Orioles, that yesterday’s game up at Yankee Stadium was relatively stress-free. Not so. The Yankees lost both Alex Rodriguez and Joe Girardi to ejections in the fifth inning as they once again clashed with home plate umpire Marty Foster.

Rodriguez was thumbed after playing the top of the fifth inning and called Foster “unprofessional” in his postgame remarks. That was a word that Derek Jeter teetered on the edge of using but never actually did back on July 6, when Foster supposedly told Jeter he was out on a play at third base and did not actually need to be tagged with the baseball (Foster later denied saying this).

“I don’t know what his deal is with the Yankees,” Rodriguez said. “To
tell Jeter to get off the field and to throw me out without a warning
— I think in the heat of the moment, not arguing balls and strikes, I
think there should be a little room for error where you can actually
argue, take out your frustration and let the game go on.”

The ejection was A-Rod’s first since July 24, 2004 at Fenway Park, the day that he and Jason Varitek fought and conspired to launch a billion t-shirts and eBay listings.

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