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Moving along…

…quite slowly, since you asked.

Ian Kennedy just needed 27 minutes to get through the top of the first inning, and hopefully that doesn’t set the tone for the rest of this game. The Yankees’ first three games of the season have been pretty brisk affairs, with times of game of 2:31, 3:10 and 2:45. The Yankees always have consistently longer-than-league average games, so those numbers translate to playing with their cars double-parked by comparison.

Not that it matters much right now to Joe Girardi. Having been through what he’s battling right now, you could probably tell the skipper that Babe Ruth just walked into the clubhouse and he probably wouldn’t have much of a reaction. Girardi is resting on the couch in his office and spent most of the afternoon sleeping, as Rob Thomson gets his day behind the controls.

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