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3/10 – Yankees vs. Reds

Mike Mussina was in the clubhouse as a visitor here today. He’s in Tampa on vacation with his family and very happily retired. He was wearing an ESPN cap and a Ford Mustang t-shirt, and told CC Sabathia to keep his locker. Too bad the Mussina window has disappeared, replaced by a large circle ‘NY’ logo.

A sweaty Andy Pettitte hugged Mussina, and Joe Girardi asked Mussina if he’d get dressed or throw out the first pitch. Mussina said no to both. Phil Coke dropped by and Moose thanked him for the outs he recorded in wins No. 19 and No. 20 last year. 

“You guys can keeping moving,” Mussina said. “I’ve got to live in this moment for a while.”

Chris Dickerson CF
Alex Gonzalez SS
Jay Bruce RF
Brandon Phillips 2B
Kevin Barker 1B
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Lance Nix LF
Ryan Hanigan C
Wes Bankston DH

Nick Masset RHP

Brett Gardner CF
Johnny Damon LF
Xavier Nady RF
Hideki Matsui DH
Cody Ransom 3B
Jose Molina C
Juan Miranda 1B
Angel Berroa SS
Ramiro Pena 2B

Joba Chamberlain RHP

UPDATE 6:24 p.m.: Yes, it’s early, but the Yankees are watching Chamberlain closely in this start. Girardi said that the fifth starter’s job is Joba’s to lose, but they need to see improvement over his first two starts – especially the aborted five-batter outing against Team Canada. Chamberlain has been working on his mechanics, including one exercise where he threw a ‘dry’ bullpen with a towel.

UPDATE 6:40 p.m.: Brian Cashman said earlier that he is “not optimistic” about trading for a third baseman to fill in for A-Rod. Until further notice, Cody Ransom, it’s yours to lose.

“I’m not going to be proactive in trying to do something,” Cashman said. “If something presents itself that makes sense, which is not realistic, then maybe it will be somebody different. I think our answer is here in camp.” 

2/27 – Yankees at Twins

Feb. 27, 2009 – Hammond Stadium – Fort Myers, Fla.

PIC-0641.jpgNEW YORK
Gardner CF
Ransom 2B
Swisher 1B
Posada DH
Nady RF
Cabrera LF
Berroa SS
Leone 3B
Cervelli C

Kennedy RHP

Gomez CF
Casilla 2B
Crede DH
Morneau 1B
Cuddyer RF
Young LF
Redmond C
Harris 3B
Punto SS

Baker RHP

2/26 – Rays at Yankees

Feb. 26, 2009 — George M. Steinbrenner Field — Tampa, Florida

Thumbnail image for PIC-0640.jpgHappy Opening Day to everyone! The Yankees are on the grass here at Steinbrenner Field, stretching it up. We’ll be looking at Phil Hughes, Phil Coke, Brian Bruney, Damaso Marte, Jonathan Albaladejo and Mark Melancon doing some pitching early in the afternoon.

Kennedy 2B
Crawford CF
Aybar DH
Ensberg 3B
Zobrist SS
Kapler CF
Richard 1B
Riggans C
Ruggiano RF
Davis RHP

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Nady RF
Posada DH
Molina C
Cabrera CF
Hughes RHP

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