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Kangaroo court is in session

The Yankees had their first kangaroo court session of the year yesterday, with the Hon. Mariano Rivera presiding. It took about an hour for the players to get through the list of offenses which have been compiled over the first three months-plus of the season. Most of them are silly ways for teammates to write each other up, and many never see the light of day to the public.

“What happens in kangaroo court, stays in kangaroo court,” Mark Teixeira said.
Not exactly. Phil Hughes opened the window a little bit, revealing that Tony Pena had been hit with a fine for his duck-and-cover act on May 4, when Francisco Cervelli tumbled into the dugout in pursuit of a foul ball. Typically, players and coaches will help prop the player up to avoid injury – Pena offered absolutely no help in bracing Cervelli. Finally, justice caught up to him. 
Hughes said he didn’t escape unscathed. He was hit with a fine for writing up double offenses on Colin Curtis, who had tried to mail a players’ All-Star ballot with no address and no postage when the Yankees were in Los Angeles last month. Curtis wasn’t exonerated, so there were no winners in that one. 
“We didn’t have all that many,” he said. “They were just really drawn out. It took forever.”

Judge Mariano to preside Tuesday

The Yankees will be holding another session of Kangaroo Court Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET, commandeering the press conference room in the basement of Yankee Stadium as they address the latest fines.

Judge Mariano Rivera will finally get a chance to use the robe and gavel that Judge Marilyn Milian from ‘The People’s Court’ presented him with in June.

We haven’t peeked inside the summons box or anything, but it’s safe to say that Nick Swisher is going to be hit with at least one citation for – again – doing topless interviews. Derek Jeter called him out for it while the team was on the last road trip.

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