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Winning one the hard way

molina.jpgThe Yankees finished up yesterday afternoon with the shadows creeping across the big ballyard in the Bronx, hanging around a lot later than we thought … four hours and forty-five minutes, to be exact, or just five minutes less than the All-Star Game took on Tuesday.

It ended in unorthodox fashion, with Jose Molina taking a cutter off of his right knee, but a hit-by-pitch never hurt so good for the Yankees. Molina carried his bat all the way to first base before being mobbed by his teammates; they’ve won two of two since the All-Star break and will try for the series sweep this afternoon against the A’s.

Never mind that they left 21 men on base — pay no attention to the elephant in the room. Joe Girardi said the win was the most important thing, and if they can strand less than a dozen against All-Star Justin Duchscherer, they might be able to do OK.

Johnny Damon said that he’s made it clear to the Yankees that he’s ready to hit, but it looks like they’re thinking about giving him another day and activating him – maybe – against the Twins. Damon is strictly a DH right now, as he hasn’t thrown yet. … Expect to see Molina behind the plate Sunday after Jorge Posada bruised the meaty part of his right hand blocking a ball. …

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