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Hairston: Yankees keeping light on for Damon?

Now a member of the San Diego Padres, Jerry Hairston, Jr. appeared last night on SiriusXM’s MLB Home Plate channel and mentioned that the Yankees never made him an offer to stay in New York. He also shared the opinion that the Yankees are still interested in signing Johnny Damon.

“The Yankees didn’t officially make an offer,” Hairston told hosts Jim Bowden and Joe Castellano. “We’d been talking with them for about a month or two months and, they were kind of, I guess, waiting for a certain left fielder’s price to come down.  That’s what I was gathering. I know Brian [Cashman]’s going to really love me for saying that. 

“But that’s the sense I had, and more power to them.  You know, obviously Brian has a job to do and Johnny Damon’s an incredible ballplayer.  But obviously at that time I said, ‘You know what? I need to do what’s best for me.’  And the best fit for me was in San Diego. 

“That’s a young team, but they’re looking for players with some speed, athleticism that can play in that ballpark and I was looking to sign there anyway and then, icing on the cake, having [brother] Scott get traded over there it definitely makes it that much sweeter.”

Newsday’s Ken Davidoff got to Cashman first on the subject and posted on Twitter that it was “right” the Yankees never made an offer to Hairston, but “not right” that they are waiting for Damon’s asking price to drop.

On an unrelated topic, this nugget was passed along from MLB: On this date in 1960, Stan Musial insisted he take a $20,000 pay cut. ‘Stan the Man’ believed he was overpaid in 1957 and 1958 and his salary should be based on his play last season. Can you imagine someone trying to convince Scott Boras of that today?

Yankees sticking to tight left field budget

Reposting this from the Hot Stove Blog:

Despite heavy fan speculation to the contrary, the Yankees are
stressing the point that they will not get involved with a bid for a
big ticket left fielder.

“No chance on Matt Holliday, no chance
on Jason Bay,” a Yankees official told the New York Daily News on
Monday. “Zero. None. Underline it.”

To take the point further,
the Yankees’ budget for left field is so tight, the newspaper reports
that they would not have matched the offer the Giants made for Mark
DeRosa – $12 million over two years. Yankees general manager Brian
Cashman told on Monday that even Xavier Nady, coming off Tommy
John surgery, is asking too much for New York’s budget.

same appears true for veteran Jermaine Dye, and Johnny Damon has
already acknowledged that he does not fit into the Yankees’ payroll

If the season started today, the Yankees would be
preparing to go with Brett Gardner and Jamie Hoffmann in left field.
The Daily News suggests that the Yankees are also considering cheaper
free agent options like Reed Johnson or Jerry Hairston, Jr. to add to
the mix.  

“There’s plenty of time,” the official told the
newspaper. “There’s no hurry. And there are a ton of outfielders out
there. We are just tweaking at this point. We’ll sign an outfielder
between now and spring training.”

Swisher, Hairston discuss lineup swap

As far as right field goes in Game 2, the story is that the struggling Nick Swisher’s out and jack-of-all-trades Jerry Hairston, Jr. is in.

That’s the bad news for Swisher. The good news is that after he spoke to reporters on the field during Yankees batting practice, Swisher was corralled by the lovely Maria Menounos for an Access Hollywood interview. Lucky guy.

Here’s the rundown of the baseball-related interview:

“Jerry’s got good numbers against [Pedro], let him go out there and do his thing.
Obviously you are frustrated, upset , but hey, this is part of the thing. This is a team game, we’ve gotten here by playing every one we have, you know Jerry hair is ready today, and he’s going to go out and do a great job.”
“I don’t feel bad. It’s just finding holes; that’s it. I just used today as a work day, and you know, keep pressing and this and that and be ready to go to back [in Game 3].”


“I always prepare myself to play every day. If I’m not in the lineup, I’ll prepare myself to maybe get in there later in the game. Obviously I’ve faced Pedro an awful lot. He’s definitely without a doubt one of the top two pitchers  of our generation. He’s been a  great pitcher for a long time.”

“You always get nervous. That’s a good thing. You want to be nervous. That means you are ready. I remember when I first got called up, Cal Ripken Jr. said, ‘It’s OK to be nervous”. So yeah, I’m just trying to make sure that I’m ready to play.”

Hairston day-to-day with tendinitis

This update from the Yankees:

INF/OF Jerry Hairston, Jr. was seen by hand
specialist Dr. Melvin Rosenwasser today at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and
underwent an MRI.  Results of the MRI revealed tendinitis in his left
wrist and he received a cortisone injection in the wrist.  He is day-to-day.

Good news for Hairston, who seemed very worried yesterday in Anaheim as the Yankees were getting ready to fly back to New York. Maybe that postseason roster spot isn’t out of the question after all.

Andy’s bid for perfection

pettitte831.jpgIt was captivating to watch Andy Pettitte make a serious bid last night for a perfect game at Camden Yards. Personally, I sounded the panic alarm when he got through six innings. Through the fifth, even he was beginning to give it a little bit of thought.

“After the fifth inning, I really felt good and I was throwing everything for strikes and putting it where I wanted to,” Pettitte said. “You’re just like, ‘Heck, maybe it could happen.’ But in the back of my mind I’m thinking, ‘I’ve never done it.’ I joke around, saying I’m throwing pies in there now at this point in my career.”

Pettitte was doing nothing of the sort last night, spinning a gem at an Orioles team that was playing like they were double parked on Cal Ripken Way. His curveball felt really good and he was throwing that a lot, but it wasn’t all perfect – Pettitte said he wasn’t burying his cutter like in some previous starts, and his fastball wasn’t getting in on righties, so he elevated it.

Pettitte had only worked four two-ball counts by the time Adam Jones stepped in with two outs in the seventh inning, hitting his hard smash off Jerry Hairston, Jr.’s glove at third base that broke up the perfect game bid. In person, it appeared to be a clear error, and it was ruled as such.

“I wish I could have that one back,” Hairston said. “Nobody feels worse than I do. It’s kind of tough to swallow but I’ve played long enough to know things happen. It’s unfortunate. It’s a shame.”

Pettitte retired the first 20 Orioles to face him before then, and Nick Markakis broke it up a batter later with a clean single down the third base line. Afterward, Pettitte had no regrets about the lost opportunity — there’s plenty of other things to achieve down the stretch as the Yankees gun toward October.

“It feels good to be healthy,” Pettitte said. “It feels good that my elbow after surgery doesn’t hurt anymore when I pitch. At this time last year my shoulder was absolutely killing me. It just feels good to feel healthy. I just hope I can hold it and keep it for another two months.”

Here’s video of Andy breaking down his start from

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