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Damon could go to the DL

It looks more and more like Johnny Damon could be headed to the disabled list
for the first time in his career, though that’s still not 100 percent
certain. They planned to re-evaluate him on Sunday but when a guy can’t
put his uniform jersey on, he’s a long way from playing left field at
Yankee Stadium.

Speaking of that, did Dustin Pedroia think Damon was still playing left
field in the first inning or what? Nice throw by Brett Gardner and it
got a pretty good reaction from the crowd. That’s a heck of a heads-up slide by Jason Giambi there to put the Yankees on the board as well. You wonder what was going through his mind as he huffs and puffs around third base, then sees the ball is going to beat him by a great margin.

Still waiting for the energy to pump this building up. It’s warm, hazy and I know it’s Yankees-Red Sox, but it seems like there’s still 55,000 people (less the people wearing red, and there’s a lot of them) waiting for a reason to explode. Maybe some of them are feeling under the weather like Jorge Posada is.

All-Star Moose?

moose.jpgMike Mussina, an All-Star? I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but consider the fact that Mussina once again has a share of the American League lead with nine victories — including eight in his last nine starts. Sure, he’s been lucky at times, but any pitcher who’s winning nine of 13 games is off to a heck of a run for a season.

Not too shabby for a guy who many were looking at as a fifth starter and potential weak link to the rotation. Remember when Hank Steinbrenner said that Moose should pitch more like Jamie Moyer? Looks like maybe Hank knew what he was talking about – that directly coincided with the beginning of this 8-of-9 run.

Derek Jeter had his own milestone moment last night, moving into third place on the Yankees’ all-time hit list and passing Mickey Mantle. Jeter’s in some pretty select company there — Lou Gehrig is first and Babe Ruth second. He says he doesn’t belong there, but Joe Girardi (among others) disagrees. Someday you’ll be visiting the new Yankee Stadium and looking at Jeter’s plaque in Monument Park, there’s just no doubt about it.

Don’t count on Jason Giambi being in the lineup today after having treatment all during Wednesday’s game. He’s still pretty sore, from all accounts. The Yankees will try to “sleep fast” with a somewhat-later report time to get to the Stadium on Thursday afternoon for what used to be known as a Businessman’s Delight. I’m not sure how many people come to ballgames wearing shirts and ties anymore. Seems that’s gone the way of the three-martini lunch. More likely, you’d just blow off work altogether and call in sick.

Lots of 2008 First Year Player Draft coverage on tap for Thursday. In case you haven’t noticed, the Draft is kind of a big deal here at The Yankees are up 28th and then have a Joba Chamberlain Compensation Pick at 44 for losing Luis Vizcaino to the Rockies. Their second round pick is 75.

Wang in the Win-dy city

There was a funny moment last night in the Yankees clubhouse, when Chien-Ming Wang was conducting his postgame interview session with reporters. Wang is lockering next to Joba Chamberlain here in Chicago, and Chamberlain literally climbed inside his locker while Wang spoke, staring over Wang’s shoulder, making faces and doing almost anything he could to try and distract Wang. It didn’t work and Wang got through his interview fine.

Later, the conversation turned to how Wang is now the quickest pitcher to reach 50 career wins since Dwight Gooden did it with the Mets. Wang said he didn’t know who Gooden was, listening attentively as someone recounted Gooden’s early days with the Mets and later his no-hitter for the Yankees.

Then, someone dropped the name ‘Doc Gooden.’ Now, that guy, Wang knew.

“He does know!” Chamberlain yelled, calling back all of the reporters who had left the conversation.

The Yankees were pretty giddy all around last night. Jason Giambi was asked something about seeing his batting average on the scoreboard and Derek Jeter started hollering, “Don’t do it, Jason, don’t look at it! Just don’t look!”

Funny what winning can do. The Moose is on the loose tonight, with first pitch at 8:11 p.m. ET. Here’s a great stat courtesy of’s Michael Salfino (full article here):

“Mussina has generated swinging strikes 11 times this year on 319 pitches. That’s five percent of strikes. At his peak, his rate was over three times that and it was 13 percent as recently as 2006. Last year, it was nine percent.”

Sunday at the Stadium

The Yankees will try, try again to get the rest of their slumbering bats going this afternoon under cloudy skies in the Bronx. They haven’t looked much like a lineup to be considered a 1,000 run threat, but hey, it’s five games. So far Bobby Abreu and Alex Rodriguez have been the main guys. We’ll also see how Jason Giambi responds after tweaking his left groin while running the bases in yesterday’s 6-3 loss.

The headline of this post is somewhat misleading (sorry!). I have my first day off of the regular season today, as Anthony DiComo will be bringing you all the coverage on Chien-Ming Wang gets the start for New York opposite James Shields.

Already, a rubber game

Phil Hughes received some of the loudest cheers when the Yankees were introduced before Tuesday’s game, and it’s clear the fan base has high hopes for the youngest member of their pitching staff. It’s almost strange to say that just because Hughes’ demeanor really doesn’t lend itself to youth. He may be 21 but, to me, he carries himself like a veteran already.

Hughes gets the ball rolling on his 2008 campaign tonight in the rubber game of a three-game series with the Blue Jays. Will Jorge Posada appear in the lineup? Will Jason Giambi continue to resemble a dancing bear at first base? Stay tuned. I thought an excellent defensive first baseman — hi, Doug Mientkiewicz — would have caught the ball that Giambi fell into the photo box chasing, but when you throw Giambi out there, you’re basically hoping he’ll knock everything around him down and scoop throws, which he actually is quite adept at doing.

Lessons from yesterday — don’t steal from the Yankees and don’t talk on your cell phone while driving. Mike Mussina looked just OK to me but I was impressed with his ability to spot his curveball, the Frank Thomas hit-by-pitch notwithstanding. If Mussina gives you three earned runs in 5 2/3 innings every time out, I think you have to take that. They won’t face A.J. Burnett every day.

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