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Yankees sweep away the A’s

Aided by Jason Giambi’s go-ahead homer in the sixth, Andy Pettitte guided a
two-hour, 26-minute breezer
in New York’s 2-1 win against Oakland on
Sunday to complete a three-game sweep at Yankee Stadium. It was another sweltering day up in the Bronx but Pettitte kept his cool, working quickly and efficiently.

Johnny Damon wants to be in the Yankees lineup. Well, you can’t always get what you want. There’s a chance he’ll be in Monday as the Yankees meet the Twins.

I’ve been checking the site pretty much daily now; it’s become part of my morning habit. I was no math major, but this is the time of year for it. In case you’re wondering, the Yankees are handicapped at 25.1 percent to make the playoffs, 12.4 percent for the AL East title.

Headed north of the border

Well, Jason Giambi didn’t get in through the All-Star Game Final Vote. That’s a shame — I thought he would have been a phenomenal contender in the Home Run Derby on Monday. He’ll just have to make do with his second prize … four days and three nights in fabulous Las Vegas.

First, the Yankees will have to get through the next three days, heading north of the border after last night’s unproductive detour in Pittsburgh. More troubling than the loss, we’d say, is the fact that Jorge Posada was once again out of the lineup with Jose Molina catching. Posada is very proud about the fact that he’s a catcher, not a first baseman, and he is insistent that he signed with the Yankees to catch all four years of his contract.

Now, we can debate about whether Posada can legitimately expect to catch in 2011. But I don’t think anyone saw it coming that he’d be pushed off to the side in 2008 — obviously, the right shoulder is a major concern for Joe Girardi, even though he won’t publicly say it. I asked Brian Cashman the same question in New York last week and he said that there’s health, and that nobody works harder than Posada. Then why not play him?

Assorted notes and quotes: Mariano Rivera will not start the All-Star Game, it seems. Good. His place belongs in the ninth inning if the American League has a lead. … Hank Steinbrenner tells USA Today that he plans to hire Lou Piniella as an advisor once Sweet Lou’s managing days are through. … The FanFest opens today at the Javits Center. Since I’m in town for the festivities and not in Toronto, I may have time to check it out. If so, I’ll post a report. … Don Larsen’s perfect game was screened last night at BB King’s in midtown. Wish I’d been there. …. Who, exactly, is paying to watch Jose Canseco fight in Atlantic City? …

The Big G needs your help


Winners of close races in each League to be announced tonight on

NEW YORK, July 10, 2008 – The Monster 2008 All-Star Game Final Vote on is down to its final seven hours before today’s 5 p.m. (EDT) deadline with the record-setting fan voting increasing to nearly one million votes cast every hour.

In the American League, a heated race for the top spot between Tampa Bay Rays rookie third
baseman Evan Longoria and Jermaine Dye of the Chicago White Sox will go down to the deadline. Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees, Brian Roberts of the Baltimore Orioles and Jose Guillen of the Kansas City Royals continue to draw impressive fan support in their campaigns for the final spot on the A.L. All-Star Team.

On the National League ballot, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Corey Hart and David Wright of the New York Mets are locked in a tightly-contested competition as they enter the final hours of balloting. Philadelphia’s Pat Burrell remained in third place while Aaron Rowand of the San
Francisco Giants and Carlos Lee of the Houston Astros follow in fourth and fifth place,

Fans can also cast their votes via their mobile phones by texting the word “Vote” to 36197 to
receive the Monster All-Star Game Final Vote candidates. In Canada, fans should text the word “Vote” to 88555.

Previous winners of the Monster All-Star Game Final Vote include: Hideki Okajima (AL, 2007);
Chris Young (NL, 2007); A.J. Pierzynski (AL, 2006); Nomar Garciaparra (NL, 2006); Scott
Podsednik (AL, 2005); Oswalt (NL, 2005); Hideki Matsui (AL, 2004); Bobby Abreu (NL, 2004);
Jason Varitek (AL, 2003); Geoff Jenkins (NL, 2003); Johnny Damon (AL, 2002); and Andruw
Jones (NL, 2002).

The first (and last) Mustache Day at Yankee Stadium

The Yankees have had some pretty good promotions in recent years. I’ve still got those bronze statues of Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford that they gave away (I broke the Phil Rizzuto one … sorry Scooter, you took a tumble off my bookshelf), and the All-Star Game cap is my usual standby for jogging or the gym.

But these Jason Giambi mustaches today may take the prize for their most memorable giveaway. We’re looking at men, women, and children of all ages wearing their Giambi mustaches, and it’s unbelievable. Where does one actually go for this many fake mustaches on short notice? Even Mike Mussina was walking around wearing one this morning.

If this doesn’t rock the Final Vote for Giambi, I don’t know what will. I asked him what it’d be like to look at 20,000 fake mustaches in the crowd today. “A lot of wannabe Italians,” he said.

Supporting the ‘Stache

This is a really cool graphic the talented designers at cooked up for the Final Vote.

I’ll admit, I’m interested in seeing Giambi make the All-Star team, only because he’ll have something typically hilarious to say about how his mustache made all the difference. I love that he knew it looked terrible for the first few weeks and kept it anyway because he was hitting.

I also love that Derek Jeter told him to clean it up during one of the Yankees’ off-days — that was an official order from the Captain — and Giambi brushed in some Just For Men, showing up with a much darker and bushier growth.

Well, all that, and I think he’d be a draw to watch in the Home Run Derby. Giambi would be taking aim at the upper deck in right field and he’d probably send a few Jeffrey Maier-wannabes to the hospital in the process.

It’d be endlessly entertaining, but at last count, Giambi was still running third and needs to catch Evan Longoria of the Rays. Here’s the link to Support the ‘Stache.
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