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Closing up at Steinbrenner Field

Final score, Twins 7, Yankees 3. Some short notes for you:

— Alex Rodriguez isn’t talking like a guy who plans to meet with MLB investigators on Sunday. His name remains on the travel roster for the game against the Reds in Sarasota and he said he plans to be on the 9 a.m. bus. We’ll see. Seems likely that A-Rod could be a last-second scratch from that sheet.

— Don’t fret just yet over Joba Chamberlain’s rough inning here today. He was throwing all four-seam fastballs, and when you fire a 2-0 heater down the pipe to Delmon Young, an RBI double is a predictable result. Joba said he threw two changeups and one slider in the whole frame. For Feb. 28, he did enough. Next up for him: Team Canada on March 5.

— CC Sabathia will throw a simulated game tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. I’ll hang back and give it a look – Joe Girardi said he would as well. The Yankees are trying to limit Sabathia’s innings in the spring whenever possible because, you know, he’s thrown a ton.

— Jorge Posada will throw on Monday, Girardi said, and could resume DHing soon after that. I know the panic button needs to be pushed with every Yankees injury, especially a player as significant as Posada. But Posada himself did not seem too worried at all about this, and he’s never been exactly the world’s best actor in masking his true feelings. Brian Cashman told me that they had to have a 4-on-1 discussion just to talk Posada out of playing today.
— Hideki Matsui is running on dirt and anxiously awaiting Gene Monahan’s signal to turn him loose. Matsui needs to just be able to make the turns on the bases without soreness and could be cleared to DH late next week. Girardi said he had to corral Matsui and get him out of the outfield today. (On an unrelated note, I think I may have cut Matsui off today on Boy Scout Boulevard. Oops.)

You could bet on it

Bobby Abreu took an $11 million pay cut this year to finally land with the Angels, so Hideki Matsui probably shouldn’t be checking his mailbox for a check this spring.

Remember that bet from last March, when Matsui flew off to New York for a surprise wedding and pulled a fast one on Derek Jeter and Abreu? Matsui wagered at the beginning of Spring Training concerning who would get married first, never letting on that his date was set for March 26.

“Bobby left without paying. Jeter has one more month,” Matsui said.

Abreu had a girlfriend and had six months to tie the knot, while Jeter – who claimed to be single – had a year. Abreu already lost his part of the bet and unless something shocking happens with the Yankees’ favorite super-bachelor, Jeter will be paying Matsui by the end of camp.

Anything interesting happening with the Yankees?

Oh, just another day in paradise. When people ask, “What do you do during the offseason?”, my response is almost always that the Yankees don’t have an offseason. Sometimes the winter is more intense than the summer.

The Yankees completed one important piece of business on Monday, signing Andy Pettitte to a one-year, $5.5 million contract with multiple incentive levels. Obviously this is a huge pay cut from the guaranteed $16 million Pettitte made in ’07 and ’08, but this was as high as the Yankees were going to go.

Pettitte knew that it was time to make a decision, and $5.5 million — with the chance to make up to $12 million in incentives — sure beats $0 for sitting at home. With the addition of Pettitte to the 40-man roster, Chase Wright was designated for assignment.

One other tidbit: Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera and Hideki Matsui are all on track for now.

Now, on to the Joe Torre business, which is sending us all back in our own little time machines. Someone was asking me about my taxes and I actually slipped up and wrote the wrong year … and not even that usual January mistake, I fouled up two years. Seems like this book has us more focused on the ’07 Yankees than the current version.

A-Rod is supposedly laughing off the ‘A-Fraud’ stuff — and look, if you didn’t already know that Alex had some difficulty keeping a low profile, you weren’t paying attention. Some things haven’t changed — by the way, has anyone heard anything about Madonna lately?

Brian Cashman thinks the Yankees might rally around each other as a result of this latest controversy. Hey, you know this team. If it wasn’t this going into the spring, it’d probably be something else.

I want to reserve judgment on this book until I actually hold it in my hands, and based on what I’ve pieced together from excerpts floating around the Internet, that seems like the proper course of action. It seems that there will be a lot more context to base the most salacious parts on when ‘The Yankee Years’ is consumed in its entirety. 

How quickly things change

In this morning’s Yankees Mailbag, I answered a question from a reader who astutely noted that Jorge Posada was hurting, and in turn, was hurting the ballclub. My response was that Posada is going to need surgery after the season but, until then, believed he could help the Yankees and would try to play through the pain.

Perhaps no more. Posada is off to have a MRI performed on his ailing right shoulder and this could be the season. Obviously it has not responded to treatment and, really, that’s just a temporary fix anyway. The more Posada threw, the weaker his shoulder was likely to get. It’s a cycle that would only be permanently cured with surgery, so that’s what he’s looking at.

Hideki Matsui is still holding out hope, though the knife, for him as well, seems inevitable. He remains on the DL while Johnny Damon has been activated — just keeping in line with Joe Torre’s old axiom about giving a player one more day after he says he’s ready.

Under the lights in the Bronx

You know, for all this talk about the unbalanced schedule, it sure does feel like a long time since the Yankees and Red Sox met. A lot has happened since April 17. Think they’ll remember how to play a lengthy game?

Here’s the quick hits pre-game that you need to know about … Melky Cabrera is back in the lineup and they hope the day off cleared his head. This 0-for-19 slump might have been wearing on him quite a bit, but you’d never be able to tell by his demeanor. I crossed paths with Melky in the clubhouse and he was upbeat, saying the day off was good for him and Joe Girardi told him it’d just be for one night.

It also seems that Hideki Matsui won’t be able to pick up a bat this weekend, as the Yankees originally thought he would. Surgery still is being viewed as a last resort, but it’s clear that something continues to not be going well in that left knee of his. If Matsui has surgery, he said his ’08 season will be over, so they’ll do everything possible to avoid going under the knife. If that means Matsui has to sit out until after the All-Star Break, so be it.

Fun fact: The last time the Yankees and Red Sox met this late in the season with neither team occupying first place in the AL East was Sept. 15, 1997, when the Orioles paced the division.

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