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Taking a spin in the wayback machine

Larsen_Perfect_Game.jpgHad some time to think on the 4 train this morning, which is never a good thing …

It’s Old-Timer’s Day here at Yankee Stadium, the 63rd annual edition and the first since the Yankees crossed the street. That’s got everyone in a little bit of a nostalgic mood, and I got to pondering this question — if Doc Brown rolled the DeLorean up to your front door this morning and offered to take you to any one game you’d want to see, where would you go?

Seriously, I gave this a lot of thought for about four subway stops. And here’s what I’ve decided — I couldn’t pick just one game. I’ll break them down by stadiums, because I think that’s the only way you can do it.

If it’s the pre-renovation Yankee Stadium, it’s an extremely tough call, but I think I’m heading to October 1956 to see Don Larsen’s perfect game. I’d love to see Lou Gehrig’s speech, but there’s a certain aura about the 1950s that would be cool to experience.

Post-renovation, I think being in the Stadium for Reggie Jackson’s three homers in 1977 would have been incredible — just the grit and excitement of the ‘Bronx is Burning’ years, seeing the rough Bronx neighborhood and the passion that team inspired. A lot of you were probably there for it, I’d imagine. What a fun team that must have been.  

And as long as we’re talking New York baseball, I caught Game 6 of the 1986 World Series recently on TV and — not even for the Bill Buckner error, but just that whole amazing 10th inning in general — that would get my choice for Shea Stadium games. What say you?

Headed north of the border

Well, Jason Giambi didn’t get in through the All-Star Game Final Vote. That’s a shame — I thought he would have been a phenomenal contender in the Home Run Derby on Monday. He’ll just have to make do with his second prize … four days and three nights in fabulous Las Vegas.

First, the Yankees will have to get through the next three days, heading north of the border after last night’s unproductive detour in Pittsburgh. More troubling than the loss, we’d say, is the fact that Jorge Posada was once again out of the lineup with Jose Molina catching. Posada is very proud about the fact that he’s a catcher, not a first baseman, and he is insistent that he signed with the Yankees to catch all four years of his contract.

Now, we can debate about whether Posada can legitimately expect to catch in 2011. But I don’t think anyone saw it coming that he’d be pushed off to the side in 2008 — obviously, the right shoulder is a major concern for Joe Girardi, even though he won’t publicly say it. I asked Brian Cashman the same question in New York last week and he said that there’s health, and that nobody works harder than Posada. Then why not play him?

Assorted notes and quotes: Mariano Rivera will not start the All-Star Game, it seems. Good. His place belongs in the ninth inning if the American League has a lead. … Hank Steinbrenner tells USA Today that he plans to hire Lou Piniella as an advisor once Sweet Lou’s managing days are through. … The FanFest opens today at the Javits Center. Since I’m in town for the festivities and not in Toronto, I may have time to check it out. If so, I’ll post a report. … Don Larsen’s perfect game was screened last night at BB King’s in midtown. Wish I’d been there. …. Who, exactly, is paying to watch Jose Canseco fight in Atlantic City? …

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