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Yankees cooling at deadline

— Hopefully no one started stitching Jarrod Washburn’s Yankees jersey together. Brian Cashman said yesterday that everything seems to have cooled in advance of Thursday’s non-waivers trade deadline, and that includes Washburn. The New York Post reports that the Mariners not only want the Yankees to take on all of the $13.6 million remaining on Washburn’s contract, but also to surrender a quality prospect. Richie Sexson may believe Washburn will be a great fit, but not at that price.

— It looks like Jose Molina and Chad Moeller are the catching tandem for the rest of the year, with Jorge Posada out. Cashman isn’t painting a rosy picture about the possibility of upgrading behind the plate. Now we know why Moeller hung around so long as a third catcher. They were lucky to sneak him through waivers one time, and Cashman wasn’t about to take the risk again.

— Phil Hughes and Carl Pavano (yes, that Carl Pavano) are set to pitch in a rehab game tonight for Class-A Charleston, taking on the Asheville Tourists lineup. The game was moved from Florida due to inclement weather. Random aside: the Tourists were the team that Crash Davis finished up his career with in ‘Bull Durham.’

— Xavier Nady changed his number from 29 to 22 and promptly hit his first home run in pinstripes. This would be a good place to write something wise about Kei Igawa’s impact on the uniform. … Mark Melancon and Chase Wright have been promoted to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, reports Mike Ashmore.

As a complete offshoot, I’m pumped about the Sirius-XM merger. I’ve been a Sirius subscriber for years and had to add XM service for its MLB coverage. Having both services on one radio is going to make my driving more enjoyable (and affordable). $12.95 a month for radio is quickly becoming a luxury, but once upon a time people didn’t think cable television would fly either.

Posada has a checkup

Darrell Rasner and Kevin Slowey are set to go at it tonight here under the lights from the Bronx.

What did you do today? I’ll bet you had a better day than Jorge Posada, who spent a few hours in an MRI tube over at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Brian Cashman sent word that the results have not yet been shared with the Yankees by Dr. David Altchek, but even though that’s not set to happen until tomorrow, it’s fair to speculate that they didn’t find everything to be ship-shape in Posada’s arm. Once the level of damage is quantified, they’ll know how severe it is and can proceed from there.

Chad Moeller is in the lineup tonight to catch Rasner. Joe Girardi believes they communicate well and Moeller knows how to challenge Rasner — let’s not forget that when Rasner was at Triple-A and lighting the world on fire, Moeller was there too. Nobody has really talked about the clock ticking, but Rasner desperately needs a good start to keep his spot in the rotation with July 31 approaching. A bad start certainly won’t dissuade whatever trade talks may or may not be happening.

It looks like Johnny Damon is a solid ‘maybe’ to play left field at Fenway Park this weekend. Damon tossed again today and is getting closer, though the Yankees certainly don’t want to rush him — “I’m not going to push it, because I can’t have a setback,” Girardi said. Damon doesn’t have the strongest arm anyway, and the Green Monster plays into it a little bit, cutting down the distance needed to hit cutoff men.

Random in-game musings from Progressive Field

As we watch Billy Traber have a bit of trouble here in the sixth inning, I’m reminded of last week in New York, when I rattled off a Q&A with the left-hander that — for one reason or another — never made it into print. Here’s an excerpt that is appropriate given where this game is being played… What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen associated with baseball?

Traber: That would have to be in Cleveland, my first season. I had fans following me home from Jacobs Field. The ballpark was downtown and it’s obviously a great city because everything was so close, so I didn’t drive. The fans would follow me home sometimes. I’d sign autographs, and you’d think that after a couple of blocks they’d get bored, but there were a lot of days that I’d get followed all the way from Jacobs Field to West 9th Street, which was like 10 blocks away. It was definitely an eye-opener.

Back to the action. I noticed today that, with Chad Moeller on his way out the door, Morgan Ensberg had quickly stowed a mask back in his locker. He’s the third catcher around these parts and he’s not letting anyone forget it.  Last year the Yankees’ emergency catcher was Doug Mientkiewicz, though you’d think Shelley Duncan would do a bang-up job if they ever would let him strap on the gear.

And while I’m on a rant (hi, Dennis Miller), see if this makes sense to you. Why would a Continental Airlines flight attendant wake me up this morning to tell me the plane can’t take off if I have the little plastic blind down in front of my window? Is the pilot going to come back and steer the plane from Seat 2A? Just a thought. By the way, the same flight attendant came back upon landing. Planes that can’t land or take off with a window shade down seems to me like a huge design flaw.

From the press box at U.S. Cellular Field

Greetings_from_Chicago.jpgHello everyone, from the South Side of Chicago. Joe Girardi was just down in the batting cage showing Jorge Posada and Chad Moeller a thing or two about footwork, jumping out and getting better release times on throws to second base. Posada was zipping throws down to second base pretty decently, so maybe he’s not too far off. We’ll definitely find out.

This is a great city and it’s pretty baseball crazy right now with the Yankees in town to play the White Sox and the Mets playing the Cubs over at Wrigley. Walking the Magnificent Mile this morning, you could see caps of all four teams wandering the streets. Most important for Chicago commerce, all the fans appeared to be spending money. Anthony DiComo is in town and will be blogging about going to both games today at

Here’s something I don’t need to tell you about Hank Steinbrenner – everyone has an opinion. When Steinbrenner said Sunday that he wants Joba Chamberlain in the rotation as soon as possible, it generated the most e-mails I’ve received about any single story in the two years I’ve been covering the Yankees for Love him or hate him, agree or disagree, Hank gets a reaction. I would share some of them but they’re not all G-rated.

He’s got to know that, and you know what? It’s not only good for the news media, but it’s actually good for baseball. It makes it interesting. The Yankees since 1973 have been marked by a loud voice coming from the owner’s suite and letting the fans know what’s going on. Hank is filling the void left when George began to lean on type-written missives and statements, and he’s doing it quite well.

Here’s what we’re looking at:
Tuesday: RHP Chien-Ming Wang (3-0, 3.81) vs. RHP Jose Contreras (1-1, 4.34), 8:11 ET, YES
Wednesday: RHP Mike Mussina (1-3, 5.75) vs. RHP Javier Vazquez (3-1, 3.20), 8:11 ET, YES
Thursday: RHP Phil Hughes (0-3, 8.82) vs. RHP Gavin Floyd (2-0, 1.40), 8:11 ET, YES

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