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Special delivery for the Captain: Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap for Derek Jeter.jpgSoon after we learned yesterday that Andy Pettitte was on his way for the MRI that would reveal mild inflammation in his pitching elbow, putting his next start in doubt, I mentioned on Twitter that someone should put Derek Jeter in bubble wrap – three of the Core Four have been injured since their recent Sports Illustrated cover article

(No, I wasn’t the only one to mention that. But I thought it was appropriate.) 
Pettitte has the elbow issue, Jorge Posada is guarding a strained right calf, and Mariano Rivera missed three save opportunities against the Orioles with tightness in his left side. So what’s the Captain to do, other than avoiding sharp objects?
The folks at Bubble Wrap, a Sealed Air brand, are doing their part to help out. The photo shows a shipment of specially-made Bubble Wrap that is being sent to Fenway Park for the beginning of this weekend’s Yankees-Red Sox series. Hey, it can’t hurt, right? 
Here is the text of the accompanying letter Jeter will find inside. 
Dear Derek,

We know you don’t believe in “silly” curses like the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. But with Mariano, Jorge and now Andy set to miss time to injury, there is no doubt that this jinx has started to become too real to ignore.

To ensure that you don’t become the final member of the Core Four to miss time riding the pine, Bubble Wrap cushioning, the iconic brand best known for protecting products and providing fun and stress release to millions of people each day, would like to offer its best protection to you, the New York Yankees captain, with this specially made roll made just for you.

As Sealed Air, the makers of Bubble Wrap cushioning is located in Saddle Brook, NJ, we are huge fans of yours and the New York Yankees. We hope this roll of Bubble Wrap will provide the protection you need to keep the jinx from popping the Yankees’ hopes of winning its 28th World Series Championship.

Good luck, and beat those Boston Red Sox this weekend!

Rohn Schellenberger
Sealed Air business manager

P.S. We know that being the Captain of the most famous team in sports, with the most demanding fan base and owner can be a stressful job. If you can’t use the Bubble Wrap for protection, we sure hope you can use the stress relief!
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