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Farewell, Bobby Murcer

bobby_murcer.jpgIt was incredibly saddening to hear of Bobby Murcer’s passing on Saturday, as the Yankee icon lost his battle with brain cancer after 19 months at the age of 62. Murcer came across as warm, optimistic and personable on the air, and upon encountering him in person, you would quickly learn that it wasn’t just an act.

Murcer was as genuine of a good guy as you would have hoped him to be, and I never heard anyone say one single thing that would make you think otherwise. There were good days and bad days for Murcer in battling this terrible condition, but through it all, he really showed the heart of a champion.

It’s a little difficult to imagine that Murcer will not be returning to the Yankees’ broadcast booth, the place he loved so dearly in retirement from baseball and one other thing he felt just as passionately about — playing for the Yankees. In his final days, Murcer stepped up the efforts on his autobiography, ‘Yankee for Life.’ That title seems ultimately appropriate today.

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