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Doing the little things

Bobby Abreu was standing at his locker last night and talking about how the Yankees are going to be able to do the little things to win ballgames this year — bunt runners over, steal bases, hit-and-run a little bit more. He didn’t out-and-out criticize Joe Torre, that’s not Abreu’s style, but it was clear that the long-time National Leaguer liked what he saw out of the Yankees.

The more you see out of Phil Hughes, also, there’s more reason to be encouraged about his bright future. Hughes carries himself like a veteran and looked sharp with both his fastball and curve last night, turning in a quality start against the Blue Jays.

Tonight Ian Kennedy, the least heralded of the Big Three, gets his turn against the Rays. Kennedy was telling us a story yesterday about how he went to an Outback Steakhouse with Joba Chamberlain, who gets recognized everywhere he goes. Someone offered Chamberlain a free dessert, which he happily scarfed down. Kennedy, sitting at the same table and with three big league starts under his belt, got no such special treatment.

Today, April 4, is my birthday, and here’s my favorite gift so far — the DVD of Billy Joel’s Yankee Stadium show in 1990, which I’ve got on the surround sound right now as the Pianoman cranks out “New York State of Mind.” I’ve seen Billy twice in concert – once at the Garden and once at the facility formerly known as the Continental Airlines Arena – and he’s always a bet for a great show. This is a nice trip down memory lane.

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