Andrew Miller wins wild showdown with David Ortiz

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Cough, cough. Little dusty in here. Been a while, huh? Hello again. We’ll try not to stay away so long again.

Here are some links from our coverage of last night’s game, a 3-2 Yankees victory over the Red Sox in the Bronx.

The victory was the Yankees’ second in three games (wow!) and improved their record to 10-17.

Yanks prevail after Papi milestone, meltdown

Miller escapes ninth-inning jam for 6th save

Known for arm, Hicks makes impact with bat

Ellsbury day to day with strained right hip

CC placed on DL; Nova slides into rotation

A-Rod diagnosed with Grade ‘one-plus’ hamstring strain

2009 Yankee Phil Coke returns to provide bullpen depth



Great to see Papi stew! I won’t miss him a bit next year and hope he doesn’t change his mind. I won’t be at the Stadium for his last game, but if I were he deserves a standing ovation. Very worthy foe and I would have loved him in pinstripes.

I watch as many Judge, Refsnyder, and Sanchez at bats as I can on Milb,TV. They can use every bit of seasoning we keep them down for. Nothing worse than having them promoted too soon and be over matched!


“Over matched” I say baloney! Leaving these guys in the minor leagues is criminal. I think the team rosters need to be expanded to make room for them. There are several examples in both leagues where teams were forced to bring up young talent and they have excelled!


Welcome back I thought maybe you were gone forever! A Rod out may be a good thing, It’s about time they used their young talent. They have been awful, but it looks like they may win two in a row, if they don’t blow todays lead?


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