How the Yankees can clinch a postseason berth tonight

Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Slade HeathcottHere’s our public service announcement on how the Yankees could be doing some late celebrating tonight, with a big thank you to stats guru Cory Schwartz:

The Yankees can clinch a postseason berth Monday if the Yankees beat the Red Sox, the A’s beat the Angels, the Tigers beat the Rangers and the Indians beat the Twins. That might mean some late scoreboard watching on the East Coast.

With two more wins, the Yankees would clinch a trip to the postseason outright.

The next game the Yankees win will be the 10,000th in franchise history.

Entering Monday, New York holds the top American League Wild Card spot, with Houston trailing by 4 1/2 games. The Angels trail the Astros by a half-game; the two teams are tied in the loss column. The Twins are 1 1/2 games out.

Yes, this will all be on the final exam. More importantly, it would mark the Yankees’ first appearance in the postseason since 2012.


I remember the good old days where the Yankees could do this without needing all the help. Having a hard time making the adjustment. Oh well, I’ll be putting the remaining week of my MLB extra innings to good use tonight. Go Yanks! ( and Seattle & Oakland)


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