Video: The Zen of Yogi

Another winner from the Yankees On Demand crew, who are doing some great work this season. Joe Girardi’s class is in session…


Unfortunately, I read the above Comments before the game of Sunday 4/19.

In the days previous, the Yankees scored (runs) — 14 – 6 – 3 – 5- 5 – 9 — going 4-and-2 (.667 winning percentage). That’s 42 runs in 6 games….average 7 per.

I am NOT criticizing the Commenters. My assumption was (really) that the Yankees would be 3-8 at this point. And they probably WOULD be had they made the move I wanted them to make — to assign A-Rod’s contract to a Single-A team.

They didn’t do that. They ARE NOT 3-and-8. Other than Sabathia, there are pitchers starting — and in the bullpen — who seem to have the potential to go on a roll. Other than Sabathia, you can really LIKE the rotation . . . especially when Ivan Nova and Chris Capuano come back.

MY POINT: Maybe things are not as bad as we all assumed they were gonna be.



I agree, either Girardi gets this team on the winning track or he’s got to go. Cashman has had his way for many years, and all he’s done is screw up this team, he must go . Dump DIDi, Drew, Beltran, and McCann, and put Tex on notice he’s not far behind. What a crappy team, it’s hard to believe, all that money, and energy expended, for crap!


This has to be the worst, if not the weakest Yankee lineup I’ve seen in a long, long time. They’ll be lucky to finish 3rd in AL East.


This team SUCKS!!!!


Using Yogi’s name for this crap is truly a sad day for the Yankees. This horrible team is the creation of Hal and Cashbum. The pinstripes are an embarrassment to the legend. Cashman needs to go along with Girardi.


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