The day Jerry Seinfeld introduced Derek Jeter

As we get ready for the Derek Jeter day festivities here at Yankee Stadium, this is a fun tidbit to pass along, courtesy of our friend Dom Amore.

On June 2, 1995, Jeter’s first game at Yankee Stadium, Jerry Seinfeld was at the ballpark for the contest against the Angels. Bob Sheppard, the legendary public address announcer, allowed Seinfeld to take the microphone and announce the starting lineups, impersonating Sheppard with lines like: “Batting fourth, the designated hitter, which I don’t agree with, No. 44, Chili Davis, No. 44.” (Here’s Amore’s original 1995 clip from the Hartford Courant.

So even though Jeter has said that he will always come up to the Sheppard recording, Sheppard was actually not the first person to announce him at Yankee Stadium — Jerry Seinfeld was. 

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