Teixeira, Ellsbury out of Yankees’ lineup

Mark TeixeiraMark Teixeira was out of the Yankees’ lineup on Wednesday after having fluid drained from his left knee, but manager Joe Girardi said that he expects the first baseman to be ready to play on Thursday against the Twins at Target Field.

Girardi said he is not concerned about the issue knocking Teixeira out of the lineup for an extended period. Teixeira had the knee drained after Tuesday’s 2-1 loss to the Rays.

“He’s played with this,” Girardi said. “We really believe he’ll be back in there tomorrow.”

The Yankees’ lineup was also without Jacoby Ellsbury; Girardi said that Ellsbury is “kind of beat up” and needed a day off leading into a road trip that will take the team to Minnesota, Cleveland and Baltimore before the All-Star break.

“He should be back in there tomorrow, too,” Girardi said. “He’s just overall sore, a little bit sore all over. He needs a day.”

Girardi used Kelly Johnson at first base and slotted Ichiro Suzuki in center field, marking Ichiro’s fourth game in center field this year. Girardi said that he chose to do that instead of disrupting Brett Gardner and Alfonso Soriano.

“I just decided that you move one guy instead of moving all the guys around, you know?” Girardi said. “Ich has been mostly playing right. Soriano has been mostly playing right, and Gardy’s been mostly playing left.

“So instead of moving all three guys or moving two guys to a different position, you move one. And you put your two fastest guys. They’re probably going to have a lot of right-handed hitters so you put your two fastest guys there.”

  •  Derek Jeter was in the lineup on Wednesday, a day game after a night game, and manager Joe Girardi said that he will have to pick a spot to give the 40-year-old shortstop a breather in the near future.

    “He’s going to get (a day off) here soon,” Girardi said. “He swung the bat good again last night. As long as his body feels good, and I feel he’s moving around, I’m going to keep playing him. He’s been productive for us. I’ll pick a day here pretty soon, though.”


Another loss and another sweep by the Rays who are inching closer in the standings along with the Red Sox. Soon the Yankees are going to be in last place if they keep this going. This is horrendous. This team is more dismal than the team last year and we all know how frustrating that was. Paid out millions for what? Do the Steinbrenners care about their team and their 300 million dollar investment? What’s the plan? What’s the strategy going forward? Because this team can’t stand pat like it is or we’re not going to make the playoffs again for another season. it’s time to do something big whatever it costs. Better money than our good minor league prospects and what is the future of the organization. If they’re bringing up the young guys now it says to me the Yankees have written off this season and building for the future. Jays win 2 against the Brewers and the Yankees lose 3 to the Jays. I was at the Jays game today. Encarnacion hits a 3 run walk off homer in the 9th for the second win in a row over the Brewers, a team with the best record in the majors.


I think they all need a day off, so give them all tomorrow off. It aint gunna make one bit of difference. When i was a kid players got hurt and guess what, they didn’t take a day off, so to take a day off just because your tired? Thats gotta be one of the stupidest things i’ve ever heard.


It seems the Yankees are being proactive. My Boost has been ringing off the asian grill. Garcia has signed and will start at short stop against the Twins. Rob Refsnyder has been called up and will likely play 1B and 3B. He has primarily played 2B to this point.


This team needs to DFA its injured veterans and start a youth movement. GM SaSakki sir.


We know Cashman won’t be back. We need to fire Girardi now and promote Rothchild, he is getting it done with a bunch of joes.


It is so frustrating watching this team. It will never be Oakland. Billy Beane is the greatest GM in baseball history. This team traded away my Javy and my Kennedy and My Melky and My Mesa. They need to stop and listen to GM SaSakki.


It is really painful to watch the Yankees. Jeter must be totally dismayed to be part of this mess. Supposed major league hitters (Soriano, Beltran, McCann) do not consistently have good at bats, wave at the ball, swing at pitches which are not strikes. Even worse is the frequent sloppy play in the infield, often on plays that are not that difficult (I know Johnson played out of position today, but still). The pitching is the only solid part of the team. Phelps, Whitley and Nuno have really done a more than decent job. The bullpen has been strong all year. So why is Cashman looking for pitchers when the team can’t hit?

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