Here come the Red Sox

A big three game series kicks off tonight in the Bronx. Here are the pitching matchups we’ll be seeing as the Yankees and Red Sox renew acquaintances:

LHP Vidal Nuno (1-4, 5.88) vs. RHP Brandon Workman (1-0, 2.88)
7:05 p.m., YES and MLB Network

RHP Masahiro Tanaka (11-2, 2.11) vs. LHP Jon Lester (8-7, 3.14)
7:15 p.m., FOX

RHP Chase Whitley (3-1, 4.07) vs. RHP John Lackey (8-5, 3.45)
8:05 p.m., ESPN

We’ll have more from Yankee Stadium later this afternoon.

Here is the Yankees lineup:

Gardner 7 Jeter 6 Ellsbury 8 Teixeira 3 Beltran DH McCann 2 Roberts 4 Ichiro 9 Johnson 5 Nuno LHP


Rob, clearly we were targeting Headley in Padres pending fire sale but he hurt his back. Team need offense leaving far too many RISPs scoring way too many sacrifices instead of driving in runs.

Speaking of Pads fire sale interesting if Boston gets Kennedy who was horrible in NY

Sizemore should be given a real opportunity RELEASE JOHNSON


you mean Cashman thinks Johnson is the answer for 3rd base? An appropriate fill in for ARod? That’s not even his natural position and it looks like it. Obviously they have no one in the minors they can bring up. I think as it turned out Nunez would have been a better player to keep and let Johnson go. There are a number of guys not hitting up to their career numbers but Johnson is a total bust. He wasn’t good when he played with the Jays and the Rays. A lousy pick up by Cashman in the off season. I agree a good starter is the #1 priority but he could still pick up an infielder that is nearing the end of his career for not big bucks but will produce more consistently at the plate than Johnson.


“Jayson Stark has received no indications that the Yankees are shopping for a third baseman. He hears that they’re prioritizing the rotation over everything else at this time”


We have to trot Johnson out there again? Useless at the plate. A sure out. We’ve got to do something about 3rd base. We should have kept Reynolds. For some reason Solarte isn’t getting much action. That last error probably put him in the dog house but I’d still take him at the plate over Johnson. The guy needs to play more and get back his confidence and swing that he had at the beginning of the year. Sitting him on the bench is not going to help him. Nuno pitching, so chaulk this up to the loss column unless he does a lot better than he has up to now. We need to trade for a starter to replace Nuno and put him back in the pen. We’ve got to win at least 2 out of 3 here against the Sox especially at home.


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