Mark Teixeira leaves game with soreness in wrist

Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira was replaced by a pinch-hitter in the sixth inning of Saturday’s game against the Twins, and the club announced that he was feeling soreness with his surgically repaired right wrist.

Brian Roberts was on deck to pinch-hit for Teixeira when the fifth inning ended. Teixeira returned to play the field in the top of the sixth, turning a double play, then headed for the clubhouse after the half-inning concluded. Roberts hit for Teixeira, striking out.

“It wasn’t really mid-game. It started from last night. I didn’t really have that much relief,” Teixeira said. “I got through it last night because I walked three times, really. I only took two or three swings all night. Today, I didn’t feel really good this morning. I didn’t feel good in BP. We thought maybe it would loosen up, but it didn’t. I basically got back to square one, unfortunately, with the soreness.”

Teixeira missed three games earlier this week with inflammation in his right wrist, returning to action on Friday by going 0-for-1 with three walks against the Twins. He was 0-for-2 on Saturday before coming out of the game.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said before Saturday’s game that he would have to be proactive with Teixeira, who had season-ending surgery to repair a partially torn tendon sheath in his wrist last year.

“It’s managing it, and that’s what we’ve tried to do,” Girardi said. “There have been built in days off that have been in there that we have tried to make sure, and I check with guys every day to see how they’re feeling. I just don’t want to make too much of this. If we feel he needs a day off, then we’ll give him a day off. If he says he’s OK, then we’re going to play him.”


Paying this guy such a big salary and for how many more years? What a friggin waste of money that could be spent on probably 6 good young hungry hustling players. Is he a wus I wonder? What’s his pain threshold? Guys never played ball with a sore wrist with a bit of inflammation? He’s going to get paid anyway like he did last year on the DL for half the season. It’s really critical that Cashman trades for a decent 1st baseman that could perhaps play one or two other positions in the infield if needed. They may have to give up a good prospect or two but that’s the position they’ve put themselves in knowing this could happen after last year’s injury. Morales needs to be signed and post haste whatever it costs. Management can’t frig around any longer hoping to stretch this out. This is really an offensively challenged team and they’re making some minor league mistakes on the base pads and in the field. Needed this win today. If they don’t win with Tanaka they won’t win with anyone. Unfortunately we only have 1 Tanaka.


Good point Rob. Morales plus a starter are coming.


He is done as an everyday player. DL likely. He play one complete game after missing 4 days, not a good prognosis. Look for him to come off the DL as a DH full time.


This is really sick. Girardi’s remarks show how he just goes along with the nonsense that this club keeps spinning. Tex is done. Sad to say but that’s just the way it is.
They need to move on looking to replace Tex and others.Yankees are in a Cashman led time warp.Living in the past. They need to develop young healthy players.
Other clubs do this, but the Bronx just lives in a time warp.


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