Game 54: Yankees vs. Twins

The Yankees play the second of three games today against the Minnesota Twins, and it’s Masahiro Tanaka’s turn to take the ball. Minnesota is starting right-hander Kevin Correia. Joe Girardi was asked this morning what he has learned recently about Tanaka, who comes into this start 7-1 with a 2.29 ERA.

“I’ve talked about, he really knows how to make adjustments,” Girardi said. “He’s highly competitive and loves to be in this situation. I guess if you’d say anything we’ve learned, he can hit a little bit. He had some pretty decent swings over at Citi Field after the first swings we saw weren’t so good. He’s consistent, is what he is. And he gives you a chance to win every time he goes out there.”

Here are some quick hits from the Yankees’ media relations department:

AT A GLANCE: Today the Yankees play the second game of a three-game series vs. Minnesota at Yankee Stadium…are 9-6 over their last 15G since 5/14 with the Majors’ second-best team ERA over the stretch (2.78 ERA, 139.0IP, 43ER, 132H, 31BB, 139K).

DAY OWLS: The Yankees are 13-5 (.722) in day games this season, marking the second-best such winning pct. in the Majors (San Francisco, 15-5, .750)…are just 15-20 in night games in 2014…over the last four seasons, are a Major League- best 122-61 (.667) in day games.

TAKING IT FROM THE TOP: With starter Vidal Nuno allowing 4ER in Friday’s loss vs. Minnesota, Yankees starters had their streak of allowing 3ER or fewer in 14 straight games snappedposted a 2.82 ERA (83.0IP, 26ER) over the stretch from 5/14-28, marking the fourth-lowest starters ERA in the Majors over that span…was the longest such streak by a Yankees starting staff since a 15-game streak from 6/14-7/1/09.

Here are today’s lineups:

TWINS (25-27)

Brian Dozier 2B
Eduardo Escobar SS
Joe Mauer DH
Josh Willingham LF
Oswaldo Arcia RF
Trevor Plouffe 3B
Chris Parmelee 1B
Josmil Pinto C
Aaron Hicks CF

Kevin Correia RHP (2-6, 6.34)

YANKEES (28-25)

Brett Gardner LF
Derek Jeter DH
Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Brian McCann C
Alfonso Soriano RF
Yangervis Solarte 3B
Kelly Johnson 3B
Brendan Ryan SS

Masahiro Tanaka RHP (7-1, 2.29)


hitting today against the pitcher with the worst ERA in the American League and inning 6 and only 1 run. That tells it all as far as I’m concerned. Tex out. Probably feeling some tightness again in his wrist. This is going to go on all year and we still don’t have a decent back up at 1st base. Cashman has got to get off his butt and get this figured out. He didn’t fill the hole in the off season and obviously Tex is playing injured and they need a good back up. Offensively this yankee team is weak and sporadic. It’s going to be an up and down struggle all season.


I wonder why Joe won’t use the weapons he’s been given? He has 2 of the quickest lead off men in the league. What does he do? He puts the Captain in the middle to slow them down. I love Jeter as much as anyone does but he is not swinging or getting on base like a #2 this year.Right now he could contribute more in the 5 or 6 hole. If he’s on base he will bog down the stealing game which is something I feel Joe needs to take advantage can cause havoc on pitchers with Ellie and Gardner running free. Once you get these guys stealing 2nd and 3rd the rest of the line up starts to pick up when they see those RBI’s sitting out there! Come on Joe lets the boys play , take the chains off.


No one seems to notice that the architect of this team appears to be totally secure n his post as GM. Until he is removed, nothing cane truly improve things other than luck.Luck brought in Solarte and luck made Betances a star.Why none of the writers blast Cashman is a mystery to me, unless of course they are as clueless as he is.
If excuses won ballgames, the Yankees would be in first place by six games.


I noticed Crashman’s incompetence as a GM years ago and have been blasting him for quite a while. He’s definitely the most overrated GM in baseball. I said that this organization was headed for some dark times after he resigned, so far I have been proven right. Anyone can sign the bigger names to big money as free agents, but it’s getting the lesser talent to fill out the rest of the team and making smart deals that make good GM’s. Crashman has failed miserably in both areas. He’s no Billy Beane who has done far more with far less.


DoorMatt again rooting for his hometown A’s.


The mediocrity lover, bpuke/jersey chimes in with his love for another mancrush


Go Yankees beat Matt’s A’s.


Looks like you’re still upset your Red Sox are still sucking!!!! Oooooops, considering how much you love mediocrity, you must be as giddy as a school girl over your Sox.

good luck with that Mr. Mediocrity!!!!


Your ruining the blog again. Go Yankees!


Like everyone else, I’m just hoping you get banned again.


Me? Try you, I respond to Robert and Ron daily. You come on to start trouble Makoto.


Gotta agree with yankmeister. jersey gets banned a lot because he likes to cause problems on this board. Been like that for years underdifferent ID’s.


don’t think Kelley Johnson should be at 3rd base. He doesn’t provide anything at the plate. Roberts is more reliable at the plate. Why didn’t Joe leave Solarte at 3rd and play Roberts again at 2nd. I guess when you’re carrying a guy on a team and paying him you have to play him once in a while, but Johnson is a liability offensively and shouldn’t have been signed in the off season. There were several players who could play 3rd base that we passed on in the off season. Even Reynolds would have been a much better player to keep than signing Johnson. Reynolds can play 3rd and 1st and has some power at the plate. Gotta win this one today with Tanaka starting but the offense still has to give him some run support. Even Tanaka can give up 2 or 3 runs in a game facing good American league hitting.



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