Game 51: Yankees at Cardinals

AT A GLANCE: Tonight the Yankees play the second game of a three-game series against St. Louis at Busch Stadium after winning on Memorial Day, 6-4, in 12 innings… this series marks the Yankees’ first games against the Cardinals since 2005… are 4-3 thus far on their nine-game road trip, having gone 1-1 at the Cubs and 2-2 at the White Sox… following this road trip, will return for a seven-game homestand vs. Minnesota (5/30-6/1), Seattle (6/2) and Oakland (6/3-5).
>> Are 8-4 over their last 12G since 5/14 with a Major League-best 2.31 team ERA over the stretch (113.0IP, 29ER, 99H, 25BB, 114K).
>> Have won three straight road games, matching their season high (also 5/6-9)… are 12-7 in their last 19 road games (since 4/20).
>> With Monday’s win at St. Louis, are now 19-8 (.704) all-time in extra-inning Interleague games… marks the second-best such winning percentage among all MLB teams, trailing only Minnesota (18-6, .750).

FOUR SCORE: The Yankees are 26-6 (.813) when holding their opponent to four-or-fewer runs, which is tied with the Angels for the third-best such record in the Majors this season (Toronto, 27-3, .900; and Texas, 24-4, .857).

POWER BULLPEN: The Yankees bullpen leads the Majors with 192 strikeouts this season… has allowed 11.76 baserunners per 9.0IP, the fourth-best mark in the AL.


i’m not watching any more of this crap. Phelps is crappy. Hitting is crappy. Getting runners on base is crappy. Defense is crappy. just have that feeling that the Yankees are going to lose this one big time. The Yankees tease you with a extra inning win and then come back with a crappy performance. I think personally this is really what
we’ve got in this team what we’re seeing tonight. At this point no comparison with the Yankees and the Blue Jays. The Jays are pitching well and their defense is good and their offense is explosive and consistent. They’ve got a lineup that terrorizes the opposing team. The Yankees don’t scare anyone, certainly not the way they’re playing this year. For yankee fans this will be a long and frustrating year. We’ve spent all this money and what do we have to show for it? A bunch of guys who are under performing and spending half their time sitting on the DL


Phelps is not a starter. He would pitch better out of the pen I think. Why doesn’t Girardi try Betances as a starter or Warren? Phelps gives up way too many hits and throws way too many pitches. He’s a lot like Hughes, always in and out of trouble and you never know what you’re going to get.


yeh, maybe he needs more rest but you can’t put a Kelley Johnson out there for the rest of the season when Tex needs a break. Again tonight he tags a runner and drops the ball and run scores. Way too many errors and catches that should have been made. He is not a 1st baseman. He has played 3rd base mainly in his career. And at the friggin plate he is a sure out, either strikes out or grounds out. Once in 2 months he might get a hit. That’s not going to do it and I’m wondering what management is doing about it. Do they think this is going to work long term? Another glaring weakness that the Yankees didn’t address in the off season.


It might help Texeira overall and the offense, to use Tex at DH. His fielding certainly not what it used to be but overall wear and tear on him needs to be kept to a minimum.Years back,he said he would work on his bunting. Never too late to try.


with the pitcher hitting in the NL ball park and with Johnson playing 1st base we have two sure outs in the lineup to start with. Hate this interleague play with no DH but hate more that we haven’t picked anyone up yet to back up Tex especially with his wonky wrist that could keep him out of games for stretches all season. Johnson won’t cut it. Why doesn’t Cashman trade for someone who can play first base or groom someone presently on the team? But unless we do something soon we’re going to continue to be weaker at that position and at the plate.



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