Game 50: Yankees at Cardinals

AT A GLANCE: Today the Yankees play the first game of a three-game series against St. Louis at Busch Stadium…marks their first games against the Cardinals since 2005.
· Are 7-4 over their last 11G, allowing just 30R over the stretch (2.32 team ERA, 101.0IP, 26ER, 89H, 25BB, 108K).
· Have seven extra-base hits in their last two games (5/24-25)after having just six in their six prior games (5/18G1-5/23).

TAKING IT FROM THE TOP: Yankees starters have allowed 3ER or fewer in 11 straight games (since 5/14), posting a 2.31 ERA in that span (66.1IP, 17ER)…marks the second-lowest starters ERA in the Majors in that span (St. Louis-2.13)…is the longest such streak by a Yankees starting staff since a 15-game streak from 6/14-7/1/09.
· Are 6-3 with a 2.39 ERA (105.1IP, 28ER) in the club’s last 18 road games since 4/20, allowing 2ER or fewer in 15 games.

COMEBACK KIDS: In their victories on Wednesday at the Cubs and Saturday at the White Sox, the Yankees came back from 2-0 and 3-0 ninth-inning deficits, respectively…according to the Elias Sports Bureau, the last time the Yankees won two games when facing multiple-run deficits in the ninth-inning or later on one road trip was July 1994, when they won back-to-back games at Seattle’s Kingdome before ending an 11-game West Coast trip with another win of that variety in Anaheim.


Tex’s wrist pain has ratcheted up. What does that mean? More games off through the season obviously. And Johnson is not an adequate back up for Tex at 1st base. We will have to trade for a bona fide 1st baseman who can play that position well but who can also produce at the plate. Johnson is not doing either. We should have kept Mark Reynolds. He could play the position and also is a power hitter. We let him go to Milwaukee. Interesting that Overbay is playing 1st base for Milwaukee and we let him go too. So all we have left is Johnson for 1st unless Brendan Ryan can play 1st or Soriano. Anyway, it’s a hole that needs to be filled and soon.


Jon Heyman of CBS says Betances and Warren both will be moving to the rotation if their not traded for Samadijza. Way to ruin them if its true.


Melky Mesa who I thought we should have kept is now with the BJays. I thought we should have kept David Adams too.


Whitley pitched 4 and 2/3 twice and got no decisions, that should tell you something.

McCann they said is struggling with working with all the new pitchers, its affecting his hitting.

Kelu is giving us nothing again subbing for oft injured Tex.


now we’re into extra innings because of Whitley loading the bases with none out. And Johnson grounds out again. Over and over again he strikes out or grounds out. And what’s McCann doing today? Yankees make every pitcher look like a Cy Young candidate. I hate these interleague games with no DH and the pitcher hitting. Takes away a big chunk of a team’s offense. Now taxing the bull pen again in extra innings with 2 games left in the series. Bring Aceves in and Aceves always gives up a run. Bottom of the 10th and with Aceves record why would you bring him into the game unless you want to lose it or get it over with fast.


blow Whitley’s game? Whitley blew his own or maybe Girardi did by leaving Whitley in too long which Girardi is prone to do. He’s never pitched over 90 pitches before. Should have come out when he got the first guy on base rather than waiting until the bases were loaded with 0 outs. Impossible situation to bring a reliever into. Yankees don’t know how to hold a lead. That last at bat is the Johnson I’ve seen all year. Flukey single previous at bat to score a run. Johnson is lousy defensively and even worse at the plate. It’s a hole that needs to be filled soon if Tex is going to miss too many games because of his wrist. Yankees have to turn every game into a nailbiter. No explosion. Few multi run innings. Not the Bronx bombers this year. Scratch and claw team to try to squeak out a run here and there and hope when it’s all over they can be up 1 run.


Prestie boy is in to blow Whitley’s game.


Sabastian is at the point is his career where he doesn’t cover 1B. He done made his money and got his ring, now he want Hova to get him home. Pettitte and Clemens made 16-20M or more and never did that shi. Sabastian is simply unhappy its not the knee, its his body and his mind.



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