Game 46: Yankees at White Sox

We’ve changed locales to the South Side of town, as the Yankees and White Sox open a four-game series here at U.S. Cellular Field tonight. Here’s the quick hits of what you need to know:

  • Derek Jeter played against and with Robin Ventura, and he believes that Ventura’s temperament was perfect to handle the responsibilities that go with a move from the lineup to the manager’s office. It’s still not a career path that Jeter has any interest in pursuing.

    “I’m not going to manage,” Jeter said. “My temperament would be all right to be a manager, but I’m not. No. Write that down. No.”

    Jeter has made similar comments numerous times in the past, good-naturedly reiterating the point Thursday to a group of local reporters at U.S. Cellular Field. Jeter has often said that he’d like to call the shots as a team owner.

  • Yangervis Solarte was something of a mystery to most of the Yankees’ coaching staff earlier this year, but the versatile switch-hitter made an impression on infield coach Mick Kelleher, who saw great potential in those early days of spring.

    “He’s hungry. He’s a worker. He’s a quick learner and a heads-up player,” Kelleher said. “None of us knew him, really. He’s got a lot of great qualities to have that you look for in a player.”

  • Yankees right-hander Michael Pineda is rehabbing in Tampa, Fla. and has been scheduled to pitch to live hitters on Saturday, according to manager Joe Girardi. Pineda has been on the 15-day disabled list since May 6 with a right shoulder muscle injury, and has thrown bullpens of 20 to 30 pitches to this point.

    “He’s progressing like we want,” Girardi said. “Everything is going according to plan so let’s keep going forward.”

  • This marks the Yankees’ first trip to U.S. Cellular Field since last August, a visit which was marked by Alex Rodriguez’s 2013 season debut, immediately following an appeal of what was then a 211-game suspension.

    The suspension was later reduced to 162 games, spanning the complete 2014 campaign. Manager Joe Girardi said that he had not given any thought to Rodriguez’s situation. Asked if he had contacted Rodriguez recently, Girardi replied: “I’m not going to say.”

  • Girardi has been pleased with the work of 23-year-old catcher John Ryan Murphy, who started behind the plate on Thursday to give Brian McCann a break against White Sox left-hander Chris Sale.

    “He’s improved, there’s no doubt about it, but I was pretty impressed with him when he came up last year,” Girardi said.

Here are the lineups:

YANKEES (24-21)

Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Derek Jeter DH
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alfonso Soriano RF
Yangervis Solarte 3B
Brian Roberts 2B
John Ryan Murphy C
Brendan Ryan SS
Zoilo Almonte LF

David Phelps RHP (1-0, 3.33)

WHITE SOX (23-25)

Adam Eaton CF
Gordon Beckham 2B
Conor Gillaspie 3B
Dayan Viciedo RF
Adam Dunn 1B
Alexei Ramirez SS
Paul Konerko DH
Alejandro De Aza LF
Tyler Flowers C

Chris Sale LHP (3-0, 2.30)


Geez, Johnson again. He’s friggin useless at the plate. Another Stewart. As sure out. What’s wrong with Tex playing 1st base. How many games off does he need to get rested? Why the Yankees never made sure they got a good back up for Tex with his injury last year is beyond me. They should have kept Overbay. Overbay wouldn’t have cost a lot and even though he isn’t great at the plate any more he can still hit and hit for power. He’s be a much bigger upgrade than Johnson both defensively and offensively. Another hole that didn’t get filled in the off season. Someone else needs to be groomed for take 1st base. Maybe Soriano? What about Brendan Ryan, although he doesn’t scare anyone at the plate either. Yankee infield is a big weak area that unless they pick up someone is going to be their Achilles heal all year. They passed on Drew. Cashman needs to do something over the next couple of weeks to shore up the infield.


I agree. Solarte needs to back up 1B, go get Headley for 3B.


jersey: who are Makato and Nando that you are referring to? Am I missing something? Obviously Cliff Lee is not going to be traded if he’s injured and who do we have to give up to get him? Hopefully we don’t have to sell the farm. At Lee’s age it wouldn’t be worth it. Yankees need to get their offensive ass in gear and quick or we’re going to be sliding further down the division.


Yankmeister (matt) and his “friend”. Lee is very available but no word on his arm injury. Everything I read says we’re interested and the price is down, salary is high


Despite what Makoto and Nando say we need Headley. It looks like we are deep in discussions for Cliff Lee even though he has arm problems for the first time in his year. Real impressed with Whitley again yesterday.


what the hell is happening to the Yankees’ offense. I know they’ve faced 3 fairly good pitchers in the last 3 games including tonight but this guy has been off on DL for a couple of months. Something is going very wrong with the kind of payroll we have this year and the way some of these guys that we’ve paid a lot of money to are hitting. This is an old tired bunch of has beens. We’ve got to get an infusion of younger players. Solarte has been carrying this team offensively and he was only an invitee to training camp. Jays are ahead by 1 game. The O’s are winning, so we could end up in 3rd place in the east after tonight’s game. From 1st to 3rd after one night. that’s how tight it is and the Yankees can’t afford to be dropping games and losing series especially teams who have a worst record than they have.


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