Yankees arrive at Wrigley for two-game set

wrigleyThe Yankees are back for a rare visit to Wrigley Field this week, and they’ll have some time to settle into their hotel rooms. This two-game Interleague series moves right into a four-game set against the Jose Abreu-less White Sox on the South Side, so everyone should have plenty of time to cross things off their Chicago to-do lists. The Yankees wrap up this nine-game trip with three games against the Cardinals in St. Louis.

This is the Yankees’ third trip to Wrigley since the 1938 World Series. In 2003 and 2011, they played three games here, with the Yankees winning two of three games. There’s a good local backstory this time around; the Cubs made legitimate pushes to woo both Joe Girardi and Masahiro Tanaka this past offseason, and fell short in both cases.

Some early buzz here, which we’ll dig into with more detail later this afternoon — Carlos Beltran has apparently decided to try playing through the bone spur in his right elbow, according to the New York Daily News. Also, Stephen Drew has agreed to a one-year, $10 million deal that will have him playing shortstop for the Red Sox. The Yankees were never close on anything with Drew, though you certainly could make the case that he’d have helped their infield situation.

Here are the pitching matchups for the series — under the lights tonight, old-school day baseball tomorrow:

Tonight: RHP Masahiro Tanaka (6-0, 2.17) vs. RHP Jason Hammel (4-2, 3.06)
TV: My9, Radio: WFAN 660AM/101.9 FM, 8:05 p.m. ET

Tomorrow: RHP Chase Whitley (0-0, 0.00) vs. RHP Jeff Samardzija (0-4, 1.62)
TV: YES, Radio: WFAN 660AM/101.9 FM, 2:05 p.m. ET


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Tanak’s run support luck finally ran the f out.
Beltramo is hurting this team by delaying the surgery. It would take him out 2 months. If he plays thru it and can’t, he could be lost for the season. This will force Soriano and Ichiro into the OF and could move Tex to DH more often.
Sabastian is just an L at this point. He has lost his velocity and can’t pitch. He doesn’t want to be there and the Yankees don’t trust him. Never seen a player go get a 2nd opinion and then basically let the team know he will rest for 3 months instead of being activated as the team doctor suggested. Send him on his way and eat it like Burnett and Randy Johnson and Vazquez, etc etc, get some prospects in return.


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hate these interleague games with pitcher having to bat and run bases if they ever get on. But AL pitchers hit so infrequently there is risk of injury, either at the plate or running the bases. Girardi say he holds his breath every interleague game in case something happens with his pitcher. Can you imagine if something were to happen to Tanaka tonight and he was knocked out for any length of time? Total disaster with all the injuries we have to starters and the pen. And the pitcher is usually a sure out and it’s a soft spot in the lineup and dulls down the game. I wish the NL would change to the DH if MLB is going to have more interleague games. It makes the game much more exciting and it protects the pitchers who are having enough trouble this year with throwing injuries. Don’t need batting and running injuries. Hope the Yankees can sweep this series with the Cubs.


I guess if you’re being played big bucks and you’ve got a reputation you don’t have to play hurt. Young guys fighting for a place have no choice. Mind you Beltran is past it age wise and ability wise and has had a history of injuries. I don’t blame Beltran. I blame the Yankees for signing him. They could have signed Drew instead and shored up their infield. It would have been a safer investment.


Isn’t it nice of Beltran to “try” and play injured. The egos therse guys have is incredible.
We call it “CHUTZPAH” Healthy and fit players are needed desperately Should change the name of the Yankees to Limpies or perhaps Gimpies. Beltran was off to a good start and then faded. Give the younger and healthy players a shot. They ARE the future even if Cashbum doesn’t understand.


There are no young major league ready OF’ers in the Yankee system. They are stuck with what they got


Almonte is ready but he seems mediocre. Any thoughts on Justin Maxwell? He was good with Houston but he doesn’t seem to be getting consistent playing time, now he’s on waivers.


He’s been with this organization before. Seems like he is just more of what this team already has. Not much of a hitter, despite having decent power, a journeyman who is a one trick pony who will never hit for decent average. He is a strikeout machine. PAss on him.


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