Game 36: Yankees at Brewers

The Yankees are off to a quick start this afternoon, putting three first-inning runs up on Matt Garza thanks to Kelly Johnson’s two-run double and a Yangervis Solarte sacrifice fly.

Let’s see if David Phelps can make it hold up; Phelps is making his second start of the year after beginning the season in the bullpen. With news of CC Sabathia’s knee injury filtering out of the Yankees clubhouse, it appears that Phelps will be hanging around the starting five for a while longer.

This game is being televised on the YES Network and can be heard on WFAN.

Here are today’s lineups:

YANKEES (19-16)

Brett Gardner LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Kelly Johnson 3B
Yangervis Solarte 2B
Ichiro Suzuki RF
John Ryan Murphy C
David Phelps RHP (0-0, 3.18)

BREWERS (23-14)

Carlos Gomez CF
Logan Schafer RF
Rickie Weeks 2B
Lyle Overbay 1B
Mark Reynolds 3B
Khris Davis LF
Jean Segura SS
Martin Maldonado C
Matt Garza RHP (2-3, 4.93)


I get your point Rob. Girardi has done that in past with Mo who lost tied games and been criticized for it also. This time I think our pen was stretched so thin that he wanted to get all he could out of Warren before using a new pitcher.


personally I think the Jeter farewell tour is a distraction for the team. We went through all this last year with Mo. Who’s on a tour next year? Whatever Jeter says the focus is on him rather than the team and it’s showing in the win/loss column. It’s rather selfish for a player to demand/agree to a farewell tour rather than retiring quietly and focus on the team winning. Posada didn’t go on a farewell tour nor did Petitte.


yeh, jerseyj410 but you got to get to the 10th first. I would suggest you bring in your closer 5-5 in the 9th rather than saving him for the 10th because you might not even get there. And the Yankees didn’t get there, especially when it’s the last game in the series and you need to win the series.


Chase Whitley is on his way to the Bronx to join the rotation…I think.


The Dodgers ARE interested in Sabastian. Lets see how much salary we have to eat on this one.


Yanks are losing on all fronts. Girardi is displaying his TRUE talent as manager.Cashman’s inept ability becomes more apparent every day especially in the handling of pitchers and relievers.Will be a very long season. Don’t put the blame on Ichiro. He is a future hall of famer giving all he’s got but he IS getting older.


@Rob, short pen. Better to keep Warren out there than have to come with Daley in the 10th.


mark Reynolds who we didn’t sign comes back to bite us in the ass. How often does that happen? Too often probably. I still can’t understand Girardi’s logic in keeping Warren in for the 9th inning instead of the closer Robertson. Warren is not a shut down guy in late innings. It’s not that Robertson has had to pitch much lately. A real dumb decision that probably cost us the game, besides Ichiro’s stumble and bumble in right field.


can anyone tell me why Warren is pitching the 9th inning in a 5-5 tie? Where the hell is Robertson? At least try to extend the game to the 10th inning to give yourself a chance to win. Robertson didn’t pitch the last game I don’t think because the Yankees were behind in the 9th. It doesn’t make sense to me. Yankees lose series. Bad defensive play by Suzuki in right field. If he caught it he could have thrown out the runner who had run past 2nd base for a double play. Instead men on base with 0 outs and they score 3 runs in the inning. Beltran is really not doing much at the plate. Good to see Tex with some power and consistent hitting again. Yankees have lost too many games lately and now find themselves behind the O’s. Of course the O’s have been beating up on the Astros. Good series to get some points.



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