Pineda to have MRI, Ellsbury out with sore hand

Two injury updates from the Yankees clubhouse:

Michael Pineda cut his simulated game short this afternoon in Tampa after feeling tightness in his right lat. The Yankees are sending him for an MRI and his Monday start is in jeopardy, according to Joe Girardi.

Girardi said that the Yankees would probably continue going with David Phelps if Pineda – who is still serving his 10-game pine tar suspension – can’t come back as expected next week. They believe they can squeeze 70-75 pitches from Phelps in his first start.

Jacoby Ellsbury had tests on a sore left hand that has been bothering him. The tests came back clean, but Ellsbury is out of the lineup tonight and will get at least one day to rest – possibly two if the Yankees get rained out tomorrow.


Well, this was my biggest fear regarding Pineda before the start of the season, unfortunately, it has become reality. Not only does the knucklehead get himself suspended, but he continues to prove himself a fragile player, but then again that is a red flag for this entire team along with being the oldest in the majors, yet again, and not having a decent infield. Again all red flags for this team.

Wish I could say this was a surprise, but I can’t.


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Health issues seem to dominate the Yankees. Can someone come up with something that just might explain this ongoing situation .Perhaps it’s contageous.?


Go tell the red sawx they need you. Your woman will think you the man!


obviously Pineda got hurt without any pine tar. Lost his grip. He misses one start and pitches simulated game and gets injured. Didn’t last long.


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1st 20 games I was thinking, “Man fortunately the Yankees unlike other teams have escaped the injury bug” and with all our old players. Well reality has set in. We’ve been a bit later getting there than some of the clubs but now guys are starting to drop which doesn’t augur well for competing in the AL east division. We can’t afford to have too many key guys out with injuries and it not affect results, especially with starting rotation and key position players. With all the hype tonight with Cano coming back and Ellsbury out it could be a challenge. other guys will have to step up and CC will have to pitch like he has the last couple of games.


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