Game 15: Yankees vs. Cubs

Today marks the eighth doubleheader in the history of the current Yankee Stadium, with Michael Pineda set to finish this one off. The Cubs are pitching lefty Travis Wood in a game that features Derek Jeter’s return to the lineup after three games off (counting today’s Game 1), plus an off-day and a rainout.

Players from both teams are wearing No. 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson Day, and we just heard the alternative Bob Sheppard introduction of: “Now batting for the Yankees, number 42, Derek Jeter. Number 42.” That’s a recording that will be used for the last time today, since this is Jeter’s final Jackie Robinson Day as an active player.

CUBS (4-9)

Emilio Bonafacio CF
Ryan Sweeney LF
Anthony Rizzo 1B
Nate Schierholtz DH
Starlin Castro SS
Luis Valbuena 3B
Wellington Castillo C
Ryan Kalish RF
Darwin Barney 2B

Travis Wood LHP (0-1, 2.92)


Brett Gardner CF
Derek Jeter SS
Carlos Beltran DH
Alfonso Soriano LF
Yangervis Solarte 2B
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Scott Sizemore 3B
Kelly Johnson 1B
John Ryan Murphy C

Michael Pineda RHP (1-1, 1.50)


Some comments on today’s doubleheader:
1. Tanaka and Pineda are absolutely doing well. Told a Yankee fan friend of mine that by the end of the year they will be the first and second options for Girardi, assuming they don’t get injured. 2) The Chicago Cubs are a BAD ballclub. I know a lot of Cub fans and one has to feel for them, Theo and that Mgmt. are continuing the pattern of collecting $$$ and doing nothing to make them competitive. They ought to start with blowing up that rathole they play home games in. 3) I wanted Girardi to dial up Mo tonight. Warren and Phelps drive me crazy. I mean throw a first pitch strike once in awhile guys. Got to get Robby back asap. I’ll take the sweep tho.


Warren can be real dominant and then he can be unsure of himself. Phelps is just suspect.


I absolutely agree with 1 and 2. Kuroda has thrown some nasty stuff too.


rc- you mean Cervelli? not pineda as catcher


Yes Cervelli. Sorry. Good job by Pineda, just pitching.


Why did Girardi take Pineda out after 89 pitches? And David Phelps is not a good reliever in late innings. He has been a rather inconsistent pitcher for the Yankees last year and this spring and that’s why he’s not a starter. Only ahead 2-0 why Phelps? Why not Betances? Certainly he can’t be tired with not using him in the first game with Tanaka going 8 innings. Poor choice of reliever Joe.


RE: Phelps – it’s simple psychology, he’s had a rough outing & could use the high leverage situations to get his self belief back, the kid does have the stuff just needs to believe in it a bit more. As for Pineda he’s been sharp, I was a bit worried when he opened up last night with an 11 pitch AB but settled down nicely, from a guy who’s had shoulder surgery you’ll take 6 shut out any day!


Simple Rob, he’s coming off a major injury and hasn’t played in 2 seasons. Saving him for down the road.


Has Pineda had a different catcher each start? Pineda, McCann, Murphy?



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