Jeter sitting with tight right qud

Derek Jeter is out of the Yankees’ lineup today with a tight right quadriceps. Joe Girardi said that Jeter’s quad got tight during Friday’s game.

He took yesterday off and will also sit tonight, though Girardi said that Jeter is available to come off the bench. Girardi said that Jeter was “not real happy” with the decision, and no tests are scheduled.

Here’s Girardi’s explanation:

“Friday, early in the game, his quad got a little tight but he played the whole game. Saturday was a scheduled day off no matter what; I had had it scheduled for the whole week, I knew that he was going to be off. I’d say about the fifth, sixth, seventh inning, I started thinking. I said y’know, it probably would make sense to give him one more day because it buys him two more days. Is he available to me tonight? In an emergency, I would use him. Are there any tests scheduled? No. He went through some tightness in Spring Training that he had gotten through. He had it in his calf at one point and he got through. I figured, you know what, it probably makes more sense to give him today. I could have put him in there. Originally my plan was to put him in there, but I changed my mind during the game yesterday.”

Girardi said that he feels “really good” about the chances of having Jeter in Tuesday’s lineup against the Cubs.

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