Eduardo Nunez designated for assignment by Yankees

The Yankees have designated Eduardo Nunez for assignment, and that’s the 40-man move to add Yangervis Solarte to their roster. Nunez will now be exposed to waivers, and a trade could very well be in the works.

Here’s Brian Cashman’s explanation of the move:

“Tough call, but he’s the way I went. It’s just a tough call. We thought through a lot of other different permutations but I think it’s best for right now to give him a new fresh start and we’ll see where that takes him. We’re allotted 10 days to make an assignment of his contract, so stay tuned.”

In response to a follow-up question about what the Yankees did not see from Nunez this spring, Cashman said:

“In this most recent spring, he had a good spring but we had other guys that had better ones. He possesses a great deal of talent and you can dream on him – and we have – as a potential every day shortstop in the big leagues. All that talent is still there and I think his versatility does provide for a great deal of choices as a player on a Major League roster. We’ll see what develops in the next 10 days.

“Obviously when we had him coming up through the system, he was someone that projected to be utilized as an everyday player in the big leagues. At 27 years old, that doesn’t mean that can’t still happen. We had that hope that maybe he could develop into something like that as a choice, and at worst a player that the manager in the Major Leagues could utilize different ways. Right now, we’re going to go a different direction and we wish him the best as we look through the next 10 days of making some decisions. So we’ll see.”

And on Nunez’s future as a Major League player, Cashman said:

“I know he wants to be in the big leagues, no question about it. He wants to be playing in the big leagues. I can understand that. It’s less to do with Eduardo and as much to do with what Dean Anna and Solarte showed this spring. Listen, we were fortunate to have everybody come into Spring Training on the infield side and do very well. It put a wrinkle in our decision-making process, and so here we are. These guys have provided us with choices, so we made those choices. It’s more about what Anna and Solarte showed, and not necessarily as much about Eduardo. We try to celebrate what those guys did in the competition rather than what Nuney didn’t.”


well lets see where the Yanks go from here. another 20 years before they return to glory. the whole crew needs to go, Cashman, etc . remember history. Look for future manager, gm,, coaches. Too late for this year. Fans will demand Cashman and his crew head after this season.


Solarte finally made the team. So did Anna.Nunez been around for some time and has never gotten it together. He doesn’t field. He hits sporadically. He’s 27 and has been injured several times. Yanks just need to do better and some fresh,new younger faces will help.Can’t just hang around and play mediocre ball and expect to make the team. Cashman and Girardi both desperately need to learn to talk to the press in a more positive light regarding certain players and certainly Anna and Solarte are two of them. Solarte had a superb spring. While he made the club, they certainly did not heap any praise on him. Not even being on the roster and making the club, IS a big deal.What’s wrong with telling the fans that it IS a big deal. Nunez, is already old news and other than Nunez, no one cares.PLAY BALL !!


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