Yankees Opening Day lineup set

The Yankees are on the field here at Minute Maid Park in Houston, going through a light workout to prepare for tomorrow’s season opener against the Astros.

They have set their Opening Day lineup: it’s the same one that Joe Girardi sent out this weekend against the Marlins for what turned out to be the final exhibition game, just switching Carlos Beltran to right field and Alfonso Soriano to designated hitter:

Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Derek Jeter SS
Carlos Beltran RF
Brian McCann C
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alfonso Soriano DH
Brett Gardner LF
Brian Roberts 2B
Kelly Johnson 3B

CC Sabathia LHP

Also, Brian Cashman said that the Yankees have until tomorrow to make their 40-man roster move, and that there’s no real rush to get it done; technically, Brendan Ryan is on the 25-man roster right now and Yangervis Solarte is not, but that’s just paperwork. They’ll place Ryan on the DL, make a 40-man move to add Solarte and then have Solarte on the bench for tomorrow’s game.


I ‘m a lifetime Yankee fan but I do question why this team has so many lead off hitters. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see a lot of run production with this lineup. The team needs someone who can hit home runs and drive in runners in clutch situations.


With 4 and sometimes 5 Switch Hitters in the line-up, this line-up will not be affected as much as most line-ups are, in the later innings! This gives the Yankees an edge…on paper!
The team is younger, faster and has more power than last year.
We have 6 good starting pitchers!
The only thing that can hold us back now is…Jeter and Tex…how are they going to fit in and come close to the back of their baseball Cards? Well, I hope!
One caveat is: HEALTH!


Hey Ron, give the team a chance. Let’s wait and see where the team is after 40 games. it’s an older bunch and injuries will be the big concern. Whether Tex and Jeter can play and contribute and stay healthy is the key.At this point it looks like we have a solid starting rotation if they all stay healthy and pitch like they have in spring training. Are they as good a team as the Rays? Probably not but again injuries will play a big part for every team in the eastern division as to which teams rise to the top.


Agreed, even if they’re having a slight down year they still project to be better across the board than the opening day players at their position last year. When you look at it across the board, if we avoid the same injury bug we had last year (which would be improbable at best to repeat) we’re better almost everywhere. Have we lost a lot at 2B ofcourse, but we more than make up for that with guys like McCann & Beltran alone.
Thing is if the squad plays to it’s potential, you’re looking at arguably 3-4 guys who can all knock in 100 runs, 3 guys who can all hit 30 long balls & 2 guys who can steal 30+ bases. Sure we’re not going to see 5 guys with .330 avg, but so long as they’re getting on base we have the talent there to drive them in – and we all know you win a game by scoring 1 more than the other guys.
With 162 games of the season to go the time for being negative is a long way off, after all, the world series isn’t decided on opening night,


Upon review of this batting order it appears to be a lot of money spent on this bunch.
Don’t hold your breath


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