Spring Game 29: Yankees at Blue Jays

dunedinHello from Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin, Fla. Forgive me, people up north, but it’s cold here in Florida today — temperatures were in the 40s this morning and are only going to get up into the 60s today. I mean, I had to wear a windbreaker today! What is this? OK, I can feel your stares already.

Chris Leroux has the ball this afternoon for the Yanks, making his ninth appearance and first start of the spring. It’ll be a bullpen game again, but after today, the rotation begins to fall in line – the Yanks’ next three starters are CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda and Ivan Nova. Back at camp, the clubhouse is clearing out and there are boxes everywhere. The hallway is littered with luggage and players are turning in their cars for transport to New York. The end of camp is near, and there are six days until Opening Day.

Austin Romine has been optioned to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, confirming that Francisco Cervelli will be the backup catcher to Brian McCann … at least, we think. A trade could always pop up between now and April 1, something that Cervelli knows all too well — it was a lock that he’d be the backup catcher to Russell Martin in 2012 until the last day of camp, when the Yankees traded for Chris Stewart and shipped Cervelli to Triple-A. Cervelli is happy with his spring, but he’s keeping his guard up until he sees his locker in Houston. Can’t blame him for that.

Here are the lineups — there’s no Yankees TV or radio coverage for this game, but you can watch the Blue Jays TV broadcast on MLB.com.

YANKEES (15-11-2)

Brett Gardner cf
Derek Jeter ss
Carlos Beltran rf
Alfonso Soriano dh
Kelly Johnson 1b
Francisco Cervelli c
Brian Roberts 2b
Zoilo Almonte lf
Dean Anna 3b

Chris Leroux rhp

BLUE JAYS (12-13)

Melky Cabrera lf
Jose Bautista rf
Edwin Encarnacion 1b
Adam Lind dh
Brett Lawrie 3b
Colby Rasmus cf
Maicer Izturis 2b
Josh Thole c
Ryan Goins ss

R.A. Dickey rhp


Also, no one gives a hoot about the won-lost record of a team during ST, it’s completely meaningless and is no indicator of how a team will do in the regular season.


The bad news, is that this Yankees team is a 3rd place team with the current infield which is horrible at best and depth on the whole is very average on this team and a questionable rotation. Wouldn’t be opposed at al trading Cervelli if it means upgrading the infield even a little bit.

The good news, is that as long as Baltimore and Toronto is in the AL East there is no chance the team will finish in the toilet.


I was at the game today. Yankees clobbered D.A. Dickey all over the field, ran up 6 runs. Looked like it was the Yankees game ahead 6 runs. Then Preston Claiborne comes in and like he’s done a few times this spring gives up 7 runs in one inning and before you know it, it’s 10-6. I would hope that Claiborne will be sent down this week. He’s been terrible all spring training. Leroux wasn’t too bad. Jim Miller pitched well and should remain in the bull pen. Betances pitched a good inning as well. Solarte they should keep as back up in the infield. Dean Anna is a good hitter and could also back up the infield. It’s going to be a difficult decision. Do they keep Nunez or send him down? Anyway, Claiborne has to go. He wasn’t too bad last year but so far this year in spring training he’s been hit hard. Not many home runs for the Bronx Bombers this spring training. Tex is really out of it at the plate so far. Jeter is starting to hit the ball better. Soon we need to decide who the starting team is going to be and send the others down.


Look for Cashman to screw things up by trading someone who will come back to haunt the Yanks. It’s really time to plan a life minus,Jeter, Arod and Texeira and the sooner the Yankees can get over that the stronger they will be.Cashman, you can’t turn back the clock. Start getting real and creative.


Le roux is in there to see who’s gonna make the bullpen squad, I would imagine. I’d keep Beltanes in there and Warren w/o a doubt. You got the lefty Thorton, the only lefty, Warren would be a good long man ,plus insurance for Pineda.So w/the starting 5, Robertson as the closer that’s 9. Guess Girardi and Cash are working on a trade. I’d keep Ichiro around though, he can still play, plus he’s the best defensive OF’er, they got. The man can still hit & swip a base for you too. We need IF help, big time. Hoping Tex is still Tex & Jeter has something left and Roberts doesn’t get hurt we’ll be fine. That’s a big IF though. Nunez should learn to play 1st, and Johnson is a risk at 3rd. But he swings a good bat, but pitching and defense wins games.

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I like our chances this year. Cervelli will be the back-up catcher, no doubt. I guess it looks like Ichiro is gone, between him & Almonte. Also $$$$$$$$$$$$

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Almonte, Anna & even Cervelli are not yet certain on or off roster. I still think it’s possible there will be a trade, maybe involving Nunez and/or Suzuki, plus Warren or Phelps, possibly for a late-inning reliever and/or a defensive third baseman.


why are we starting non–starters for these games? I guess management doesn’t care about winning spring training games. We pay good money to go see half a team of prospects. But I guess that’s spring training. Cool here today but sunny for this game. Hope for a better outcome than the past couple of games. Obviously need some offense.


I’ve said this before, but you can’t get too upset about wins and losses in Spring Training. If the outcomes of games were important, players wouldn’t be permitted to leave the ballpark in the sixth and seventh innings.


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