Statements regarding Derek Jeter’s announcement

The Yankees have released the following statements regarding Derek Jeter’s announcement to retire at the conclusion of the 2014 season

Managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner: “Derek called me this morning to tell me that he planned to retire following the season. In our conversation, I told him that I respected his decision because I know he put a lot of thought into it. I also let him know that I thought it was great that he was letting fans know now so they will have a chance to say goodbye to him.

“He is unquestionably one of the greatest Yankees ever. He has meant so much to fans, the organization, my father and our family. I’m glad we have this year to celebrate everything he has meant to us and all the great things he still stands to accomplish.”

Manager Joe Girardi: “Derek Jeter has been a great representative of what the Yankees have stood for over the years. He has been a team player who has only cared about winning. He has also been a fine example both on and off the field over his long tenure as a Yankee. It has been a real pleasure to manage him and play alongside him.”

General manager Brian Cashman: “It has been an incredible honor having a front row seat for one of the great players of all time. Derek has been a winner every step of the way. I am already looking forward to an exciting final chapter of his storied career.”


I believe in my 50 plus years of watching Yankee baseball that Derek Jeter is the finest player I’ve watched. He should have won, again in my opinion, three MVP’s. As a high school coach I constantly point to him as an example of how the game is supposed to be played. The only other player I’ve watched who meant as much to the Yankees as Derek is Mickey Mantle. I look forward to one last great season!


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Looks like a replay of Mariano. It’ll be fun to watch but don’t expect anything like a world series ring out of it. Hopefull the terribly inept front office now realizes and understands how weak this team really is and will be. Perhaps they might be able to attempt to remedy the situation. In order to do that Cashman needs to be replaced.


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My mother ,who was an avid Yankee fan, passed away in 2005 at 91. When Jeter came up, she said he was going to be great because he was so smooth, played to win, and had baseball instinct. She watched the Yankees whenever she could; and always cheered for Jeter. She was so right with her prediction; as he’s always played the game to win, he’s a gentleman in every sense of the word; and is and always be great to me. God Bless you Derek in all your future endeavors; as you are most deserving of the best.

WV. Yankee lifetime fan


Now go get this true gentleman another World Series ring!


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