The Yankees are not chasing Stephen Drew

The Yankees are saying that they have reached their spending limit for the offseason and consider themselves out on free agent shortstop Stephen Drew, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said last week that the Masahiro Tanaka signing represented the team’s final big splash of the winter, and thus far the organization has been proceeding as though that is the case. Their stance toward Drew has been chilly at best, as the club does not want to commit to a multi-year deal with the 30-year-old infielder, who also has Draft compensation attached because the Red Sox gave him a qualifying offer.

Drew’s name has popped up in connection to the Yankees because of their uncertainty at multiple infield positions. Shortstop Derek Jeter played in just 17 games last year, second baseman Brian Roberts has missed 445 games over the last four seasons and the Yankees are tentatively planning on a third base platoon that will involve Kelly Johnson and Eduardo Nunez.


Our opinions are equally valid and that’s all they are…opinions.


Once again you were proven wrong as well, as Michael Young wasn’t in the cards for the Yanks. This shouldn’t be a surprise though. You’ve been wrong about everything you have said. How’s that Granderson signing working out for you?


No chance Yanks go after Headley, Yanks have no interest in him. That’s just a pipe dream. Yanks would go after Soriano if they could? Highly doubtful. He’s an aging pitcher who is losing velocity and was inconsistent last season. His stats from last season prove that.


Bullpen market is weak but I’d like them to go get Headley. If they could get Raf Soriano back, I am sure they would.


lots of good work in the off season but still some holes and question marks, especially closer, bullpen, and infield. Hopefully if everyone stays relatively healthy we should be in good shape. If not, we could be in serious trouble. Still only slotted to be a wild card team. That’s not good enough for yankee management or fans I don’t think.



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