Yankees make Brian McCann signing official; press conference scheduled for Thursday

The Yankees will create the tangible proof on Thursday in the Bronx, parading new catcher Brian McCann before a gathering of reporters and photographers to herald the slugger’s first moment wearing pinstripes.

For now, a brief news release has made it official. The Yankees announced on Tuesday that they have signed the 29-year-old McCann to a five-year contract extending through the 2018 season, including a vesting option for the 2019 campaign.

The deal, worth a reported $85 million over the first five years, gives the Yankees a much-needed offensive upgrade behind the plate. A seven-time All-Star, McCann owns a career .277 batting average and leads all Major League catchers in home runs since 2005.

“The singular and unwavering desire of this organization is to construct a team each and every season designed to play meaningful baseball deep into October,” Yankees managing general partner and co-chairperson Hal Steinbrenner said in a statement.

“In Brian McCann, we feel we have made a significant improvement to a key position, while adding a high-character presence to our clubhouse. Our work this offseason has just begun, but we feel this is an important step towards what will be an exciting and rewarding 2014 season for our fans.”

The Yankees and McCann reached agreement on a contract before the Thanksgiving holiday, but the deal was held up from being officially announced until McCann could undergo his physical.

A time has not yet been given for the press conference, which will be carried live by the YES Network.


Ellsbury signing has to mean Gardener is headed elsewhere. We still need pitching and infield help desparately and we just wasted 142M.


Not sure the Ellsbury signing means and end to Gardner. An outfield of Soriano, Ellsbury and Gardner is what we are looking at. This signing does mean that unless Cano comes down in price, he’s gone.



Don’t worry, I seriously doubt chaz Bedlam/bpuke knows what he is talking about. He has yet to prove otherwise, he’s still SMARTING from his proclamation that Granderson had signed a contract with the Yankees weeks ago. Well we know that was absolute worthless BS garbage, not worth anyone’s time reading.

Ellsbury’s signing most likely means the end of Granderson, and not Gardner. Granderson would be the more expensive player to keep, and that most likely isn’t going to happen now considering he is injury-prone and has become a very average hitter. So you can say goodbye to him. As much as I would like to see Gardner gone, he is the cheaper alternative. I could see him moved as part of a trade package only. Now that the Yanks have Ellsbury they have an elite player when he is healthy and a true leadoff hitter. Gardner is neither of those. Expect to see Granderson a Met or maybe even a Red Sox player. I don’t expect to see Beltran either since the Yanks don’t want to pay him more than a two year deal.

Not much left in the way of pitching on the FA market, especially after Billy Beane made some excellent deals on the cheap by getting Kazmir who gives the A’s a surplus of starter and Gregerson and Johnson from Baltimore for Jemile Weeks, a struggling minor league prospect. Obviously, a serious effort to win now and he did it for next to nothing. It’s unfortunate the Yanks are stuck with a pathetic GM like Crashman who turned the Yanks into a mess and the A’s have someone like Billy Beane, a two time major league exexcutive of the year winner.


Ellsbury could be the the first real game changer to hit leadoff for the Yanks in a long, long time.


I am going to vomit, we signed very toxic poisoness to team chemistry Ellsbury to a 7 year deal closing the door on Cano who is getting 200M from the Mariners.


AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Wassa matter upset that you were wrong again?

No one is buying your BS that Ellsbury is a cancer, albeit, being one yourself you are the resident expert on that. If that were true the Sox would have imploded and not even made it to the post season, but they did, a lot of that is due to Ellsbury.


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