Yankees re-sign Joe Girardi to four-year contract

NEW YORK — Joe Girardi has decided to stay with the Yankees, agreeing to terms on a new four-year contract extension Wednesday that will keep him managing the club through the 2017 season.

Financial terms of the deal were not immediately announced. The Yankees had said publicly that they intended to give the 48-year-old Girardi a raise over his expiring three-year, $9 million pact.

The Yankees have scheduled a 4 p.m. ET conference call for Girardi to discuss the new contract.

Girardi has guided the Yankees to a 564-408 record since taking over as manager for the 2008 season, the best record in the Majors over that span.

The Yankees finished 85-77 this year, missing the postseason for the second time in Girardi’s six years as manager.

Despite the disappointing finish, tied with the Orioles for the third-best record in the American League East, Girardi received strong votes of confidence from managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner and general manager Brian Cashman for the way he handled the club through an unprecedented rash of injuries.

Steinbrenner said in a radio interview on Tuesday that he and Girardi agreed a quick resolution to the contract situation was important since the Yankees are about to begin their offseason planning and wanted to include the manager’s input.

The Cubs and Nationals were reported to have interest in Girardi for their managerial vacancies, but the Yankees did not grant permission for Girardi – who was under contract until Nov. 1 – to speak with other clubs.



Is Mayor Bloomberg going to declare a National Holiday and are loyal
Yankee fans supposed to be excited because Girardi got a four year
extension. Anyone who thinks he is an all time Hall of Fame Manager is
delusional. There were plenty of managerial decisions made by Girardi
down the stretch that were highly questionable. The last week of the season,
he cost them two games pitching an admittedly tired Claiborne vs.
the Red Sox catcher who hit a grand slam,and Joba vs. Adam Lind who
has very good numbers vs. Joba and Lind clubbed a three run homer.
Also, he his fielders frequently out of position, especially his outfielders,
plenty of balls hit over Granderson and Gardner.

Girardi however, isn’t the problem because it won’t matter who
the manager is the team as currently constructed is going nowhere.
As long as the inept,incompetent, clueless Cashman is G.M. who is
incapable of making an intelligent baseball decision, the Yankees
will be lucky to finish fourth in the highly competitive A.L. East.
Hal and Hank need to hold their G.M. accountable, for the lack of
player development, the fact that their scouting and minor league
farm system has failed to produce any position or pitching prospects
who can make an impact on the major league level(See Cardinals and Rays).
Cashman hasn’t had any decent free agent signing, wasted millions of dollars signing players who have a history of chronic medical problems,
incapable of scooping up low risk signees like Liriano and Kazmir,
also was Cashman when other teams when 9Puig, Cespedes, Darvish,
Joakim Soria, I guess he was too busy cheating on his wife.
if Hal and Hank continue to let Cashman destroy their father’s pride and
joy, they won’t be doing what’s best for business. The Boss, if he was
still alive would have fired Cashman long time ago, he wanted winning
results and held his G.M. and Manager, and even players accountable
when the Yankees played poorly. I understand the financial concerns
of the owners they want to get the team threshold at 189 million
next year to avoid the luxury tax, and Yankee fans accept that.
What Yankee fans won’t appreciate is letting Cashman continue to
make idiotic decisons, that will condemn the team to mediocrity.


One would think that before Joe G. took that contract he had a pretty good feel for Yankee plans in terms of players. In particular, if I were to sign a contract to manage the Yankees, I would want inside information with regard to AROD hearings and progress. Nothing against AROD, but as manager I’d like to know I wouldn’t have to deal with that circus again.


I also change my mind about his contract. IT’s not a great deal like I previously stated, and I think the Yanks are clearly overpaying him.


Good deal here. No one I’d rather have.
I was worried we would have to try to get Scioscia and still would get denied and wined up with someone not capable of managing in NY.
We have to win or Girardi could be looking at getting fired in a year or 2.


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