Magic: Dodgers won’t bid on Cano

aug 27 canoIt may be safe to erase that image from your mind’s eye of Robinson Cano suiting up in Dodgers blue and becoming the next Hollywood star. Magic Johnson said it isn’t going to happen.

Johnson held court with reporters before Los Angeles’ National League Division Series game in Atlanta last night and said that while Cano obviously has the talent to bring down a huge deal in free agency, the Dodgers have another pressing need to attend to — re-signing ace left-hander Clayton Kershaw.

“I can’t talk about the other guy (Cano),” Johnson said, “but you already know that guy in New York is going to be paid. Not by us. But he’s going to get paid.”

Johnson expanded on his thoughts when specifically asked about Cano by the New York Post:

“You can’t have two guys, I mean, come on man, anybody who knows numbers. A year from now, two, here comes Hanley [Ramirez]. We’ve got guys we need to keep. When it is all said and done the numbers probably don’t add up.’’

Cano and his representation group, the Jay-Z founded Roc Nation Sports, will obviously be looking to make a splash in free agency this winter. For baseball and marketing purposes, it has been difficult to imagine a scenario where the group would steer Cano away from New York. L.A. might have been one option, but without the Dodgers planning to bid, it continues to be the safe bet that the Yankees and Cano will eventually hash out an agreement.


Hello Careca welcome from Brazil. We echo your comments on Cano.


Yankees have to forget about Cano. He’s not worth that kind of money. Make him a 3 or 4 year offer, then say bye bye, because he will not except it. Cano wants a big pay day now. Have you ever heard him say that he just wants to play for the Yankees?, that he does not care about the money??????


I really twist a lot and I am hopeful that Canó stay in the Bronx until the end of his career , and his # 24 go to Monument Park .
But on the other hand, do not want the Yankees to repeat the same mistakes of other times.
You need to clear the payroll , because the cost-effectiveness of many of the roster’s players who are there, it is quite debatable.
This same cost- benefit, if we transfer to Canó is satisfactory up, since he has been our most consistent player at bat , and defensively , is one of the best position in the league. But, there is no margin of error to commit insanities, the financial point of view.
I doubt that any other franchise will accept the initial offer he made the Yankees. No one will be mad to pay this fable to him, for it to be better .
If not revise his offer, I prefer it to go earn his reported $300M elsewhere.
Please, Cashman and Al: Enough of insanity at the time of contract renewals!

Hugs from Brazil, Bryan!


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