Mariano Rivera apologizes to Astros; says Yankee Stadium ending was too perfect

Mariano Rivera, Joe TorreMariano Rivera just closed his playing career with yet another classy gesture, apologizing to the Astros organization, players and fans for not participating in this season-ending three game series at Minute Maid Park.

“I want to make sure to apologize to the Houston Astros players and the great fans in Houston, because I couldn’t compete my last three days of the season,” he said. “I apologize for that.

“I want to leave with the game I played at Yankee Stadium on Thursday — I want to keep that memory of mine. For that, I apologize. You guys deserved more, but I’m being a little selfish.”

Rivera was honored in a pre-game ceremony here in Houston, one attended by former Yankees manager Joe Torre as well as Rivera’s former teammate Roger Clemens. The Astros presented Rivera with a 13-panel painting by a local artist, depicting moments from Rivera’s life, including a scene of a fisherman and his son on a boat in Panama.

In his brief remarks, Torre said, “You don’t get the chance to manage 12 years for George Steinbrenner unless you have someone like this coming out of the bullpen.”

Clemens added: “We’re going to miss that cool jog coming in from center field. There’s not too many sure things in this world.”

On Saturday, Rivera announced that he did not plan to play in this series, saying that the Yankee Stadium ending had been too perfect. He also revealed that he has been dealing with soreness in his right forearm and right knee for quite some time.

Rivera and Andy Pettitte brought out the lineup card for the Yankees. Manager Joe Girardi said before the game that he’d ask Rivera and Pettitte if they wanted to manage the game; it looks like they might accept that offer.


Opt injured Johan Santana anyone?


Until Girardi re-signs, I say he’s leaving. Olney claims the Yankees will need to triple his salary to compete with Theo Epstein…Uh Oh!
Same thing with Cano, I think he wants to come back the Yankees won’t go more than 6-7 years regardless of $$$


Lincecum and Giants talking extension…yay yay.


Stay close guys, I’ll pop in BROS.


Well this bad news for Yankee fans already. A BAD, BAD OMEN!!!!!


Are you on government furlough?


I’m not a Red Sox fan, but I think they may have the best team this year. That makes it tougher——-the Yankees never even challenged them this year. It will be interesting in the off season. One thing for sure——our two best pitchers retired this year and boy will we miss them!


seeknay: See ya buddy. It’s been a fun year reading your comments and adding my own. I think we’ve been the most loyal bloggers this season on this site. Has management read our comments? Probably not. Will they listen? Probably not. But they’d be foolish to discount the comments of knowledgeable baseball fans who have been yankee fans for umptine years. It’s because we love the team and want it to win every year that we sometimes criticize and get frustrated. I’d like to think our criticism is constructive because we want what’s best for the Yankees. Anyway, it’s been fun although the outcome and result hasn’t been fun. Hard to believe the Yankees have missed the playoffs. That hasn’t happened for a long time. There’s always hope that next season and in the off season that decisions can be made and money well spent that will turn the Yankees into winners again. Like the Red Sox were able to do after finishing in the bottom of the division last year. See ya on the golf course! Have a good one!


Seek, I hope they don’t go a Brian Wilson TYPE of route. Robertson has earned the shot even though he has struggle in the 9th.


Well fellow bloggers I bid you adeiu, another season done. Frustrating and sad year for the Yankees and their fans. Bidding farewell to the greatest closer of all time and one of the greatest starters of all time. What’s left is anyone’s guess for next year and the following years. Fortunately, there are a number of players (and I’ve expressed whom they are many times) who will not be back with the Yankees. I suspect there will be many changes to this roster by next March, which could include some coaches. I’m not sure Hal, Hank and Brian have a clue as to what to do with this team. I’d say spend some $$$$ on free agents but I’m not sure there is much out there worth getting. I know one thing giving Cano $300 million over 10 years would be a HUGE mistake. Learn from the A-Roid debacle folks. Anyway, see you all next March.



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